Hyp 026: Musique Large

Hyp 026: Musique Large

Heading up the Parisian instrumental hip-hop scene for over 4 years now, France’s Musique Large are, in our humble opinion, one of the continents finest label exports.

Combining 80’s boogie-funk, 90’s swagger and some future level production chops, the Musique Large camp have been responsible for helping bring some serious retro-modernism to the table, producing some next level releases with a roster that includes Fulgeance, dEbruit, Ghislain Poirier and BR&CP (the production duo otherwise known as Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez).

With defining EP’s in the form of dEbruit’s ‘Coupé Décalé’ and the much sought after ‘Chico EP’ from Fulgeance putting them on the map back in the late noughtie’s, the label has continued it’s development over recent months, working with Ben Butler & Mouse Pad and Charles Trees.

For their Hyp mix, label manager Rekick put together a mesmerizing selection of Musique Large history, and giving you a flavour of the label in 44 easily digestible minutes.

01. Baron Retif Concepcion Perez feat Tita Lima “Beijos Seus Labios” / Superman 10″ –
02. Débruit “Pure Check” / Coupé Décalé EP – ML003
03. Ghislain Poirier “Slow Fat” / La Ronde EP – ML001
04. Fulgeance “Rubiscube” (Gablé Remix) / Glamoure EP – ML007
05. Ben Butler & Mousepad “Mag Mag” (Shigeto Remix) / ML009 (To Be Released)
06. Charles Trees “The Dream” / The Dream EP Tour de Table n°01 – ML006
07. Fulgeance “Chopped & Screwed” / Glamoure EP – ML007
08. Débruit “Look 22” / Clé de Bras EP – ML005
09. Débruit “Gros” / Clé de Bras EP – ML005
10. Fulgeance “Absolute Belta” / Low CLub EP – ML004
11. Ben Butler & Mousepad “D More II” / ML009 (To Be Released)
12. Fulgeance “MPULSINFIONNETTA” / Chico EP – ML002
13. Débruit “Congo Whoomp” / Clé de Bras EP – ML005
14. BAron Retif & Concepcion Perez “Superman” / Superman 10″ – ML008

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