Hyp 025: Nightwave

Hyp 025: Nightwave

For the 25th chapter in our Hyp mix series, we call upon one of our favourite producers, and long time Hyponik affiliate, to turn in an exclusive live set of original material.

Fresh from a name change that saw her drop the previously used 8Bitch moniker for the somewhat more fantastical Nightwave, Maya Medvesek has been making waves over the past few months with releases on Seed, Svetlana Industries and Slit Jockey, developing her wide ranging sound palette to incorporate everything from low-slung instrumental hip-hop and dancefloor orientated bass music, to glitchy electronica, techno and ambient work, all in all making for an extremely exciting aural treat. This set is the first live set from Nightwave you’ll be hearing anywhere, and features a wealth of her own material under both the former 8Bitch name and the pseudonym. It’s fair to say, it’s an absolute corker.

01. 8Bitch – Glass Diamonds (RX:TX)
02. 8Bitch – In the Moog for love (Svetlana Industries)
03. Nightwave – Bit Pony (Svetlana Industries)
04. Dam Mantle – Theater (8Bitch Remix)
05. Nightwave – Heart Bit (dub)
06. 8Bitch – G41 (Slit Jockey)
07. Terror Danjah – Air Bubble (8Bitch 303 mix)
08. Piece of Shh – Diablo Riddim (Nightwave Ravemix)
09. Cassie – Me & U (8Bitch Cover)
10. Nightwave – Night Bird (forthcoming Svetlana Industries)
11. Nightwave – Feel (fc Svetlana Industries)
12. Nightwave – You are my high (fc Svetlana Industries)
13. My Panda Shall Fly – Injury (Nightwave Remix) (Growing Rec)

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