Hyp 022: spatial

Hyp 022: spatial

Having been a key player in London’s underground bass scene for the past few years, Infrasonics boss spatial helped lay the foundations for the bustling ‘post-dubstep/future garage’ scene currently eating up bandwidth on the internet. Having opened Infrasonics release schedule with a ferocious debut back in 2008, spatial has built up a keen following amongst the UK’s keenest ears, as he continually pushes the limits of stylistic convention within UK bass.

His Hyp mix turns in over 90 minutes of exclusives and unreleased material from label mates Ike Release and Jamie Grind, plus a host of tracks from commonly minded labels like Super, Well Rounded and Fortified.

01. Continental Breakfast (Spatial Dub) – Nanorhythm (Forthcoming Broken 20)
02. Last Kiss At The Plains Hotel – Knowing Looks (Forthcoming WNCL004B)
03. Found A Way – James Fox (forthcoming TAKE Records – EP1)
04. Dub – Spatial
05. Dub – Spatial (forthcoming Schmorgasboard)
06. Assasin – Unknown To The Unknown
07. Queen Hive – KingThing
08. Dub – Spatial
09. Don’t Know – Ike Release (Forthcoming Infrasonics)
10. Technicolour (Optimum’s 808 Reduction) – PhOtOmachine (Super – SPR004)
11. Five – Randomer & Fife (Super – SPR003)
12. Dub – Spatial
13. Devour (Loose Chords Mix) – Presk
14. Flush – Arp 101 (Forthcoming Eglo)
15. Dub – Spatial
16. Mecha – Submerse (Forthcoming Fortified ELIM010)
17. Dub – Spatial
18. Tuesday Club – Littlefoot (Forthcoming Well Rounded WRND009)
19. Dub – Spatial
20. Smasher (Mele Remix) – Mumdance (Forthcoming Mad Decent)
21. Thug Hits – B.O.B.
22. Keep Wondering – Jamie Grind (Forthcoming Infrasonics)

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