Hyp 015: Mosca

Hyp 015: Mosca

After hooking up with the part-time Night Slug on one of the coldest days in recent history, the much-hyped producer was kind enough to put together an exclusive mix for our ongoing Hyp series.

Following a recent trip to the states that saw him peruse the very best in New York’s independent record stores, Mosca returned to London with a crate full of 12s from the likes of Masters at Work, Green Velvet and Frankie Bones, and it’s the fruits of these labours that take pride of place in his Hyp 015 session, as he delivers a slew of anthems in this exclusive classic house mix.

01. The Mystery Boys – Let There Be House (Acapella)
02. The Everest Project – Don’t Go Away (Late Night Dub) [2 Dope 1992] 03. Reese & Santonio – Back To The Beat [Indisc 1988] 04. Youngbloods – Got Me Burnin’ Up (UK Deep Mix) [Strictly Rhythm 1991] 05. Turntable Bros. – Horny”er” [Vibe Music 1995] 06. Tommye – My Mind (Underground Mix) [ID] 07. Frankie Bones – Janet’s Revenge [Underworld 1990] 08. Tyree – It Takes A Thief (Julian “Jumpin” Perez Mix) [Underground 1988] 09. Doubleplusgood – Conga Te (Supa Pump Mix) [Sire 1993] 10. Masters At Work – My Mission [Nu Groove 1992] 11. B.A.S.E. – B.A.S.E. Situation (B.A.S.E.-Apella) [Top Secret 1990] 12. Dajae – Is It All Over My Face (Green Velvet’s Vox Mix) [Cajual 1994] 13. Mark Imperial – The Acieed That Ate The UK (Xtacy Mix) [House Nation 1989] 14. Phuture – Spirit (DJ Pierre Tribal Mix) [Strictly Rhythm 1994] 15. Armando – Don’t Take It (DJ Thomos Edit) [BBE 2010] 16. Frankie Bones – Strings of Death [Breaking Bones 1990] 17. Michael “Kidd” Gomez – How Y’all Feel [More Music 1989] 18. Todd Terry – Shine II Dawn [TNT] 19. Dee Dee Brave – Feel The Breeze (DJ Deep Edit) [BBE 2010] 20. Unreel Productions – Get Away [ID 1994] 21. The Original Gangsters of Freestyle – You Gotta Release (The Hoe) (Dino “B” From Brooklyn Remix) [Fourth Floor 1989] 22. Frankie Bones – I’m Still An Acid Ted [Underworld 1990] 23. Masters At Work – We’re Gunna Move [Nu Groove 1992] 24. Kerri Chandler – Fortran (Argy’s “Big Room Detroit” Mix) [Deeply Rooted House] 25. Masters At Work – Bangin’ (Main Mix) [MAW 1998] 26. Frankie Bones – At My House (Medly No.2) [Underworld 1990]

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