YouTube Surfing: South London Ordnance

Another week, another bout of YouTube Surfing. Following on from our recent review of the forthcoming South London Ordnance 12″ on Well Rounded Records, what better time to invite SLO back into the fold. He tells it like it is below:

“I didn’t know what angle to take with this – so I’ve simply gone for a few tracks I just really love, and that I go back to on a regular basis – or have been going back to a lot recently. It’s always a nightmare when someone asks you to list 10 tracks, and you have to justify why you’ve picked those ten – so yeah, some of these are massive influences – others are just bits of music I’ve always listened to by artists I really respect.”

D Bridge – Wonder Where

“Just one of those tracks really – I’ll always go back to this. Heard Skream play this out first in Room 2 at Matter and the vibe was an exquisite mix of ‘wow,’ and ‘what the fuck is going on.’ Multiple reloads were had. Those vocals just kill me every time.”

Boxcutter – Foxy

“I don’t really know much about Boxcutter at all, but a mate played me this years ago and it stuck with me since. When some of us were first starting to get into dubstep, this was a welcome break from all the murky atmos and growling basslines. Such a pleasure to listen to.”

Alix Perez – I’m Free

“First heard this in a Friction mix on Rinse – had to buy a second copy of the 12″ after I wore the first one out. Alix’s work with basslines had a massive bearing on the sounds I’m still trying to make now. This was probably one of the last drum and bass records I was really, really into – before it turned into a competition to see who could engineer the most perfectly compressed snare.”

Orbital – Belfast

“I’m worried this is a bit predictable – but I’d be lying if I didn’t say this record was one of my most listened to tracks… probably ever. Found it completely by accident on a shit mix CD, and absolutely cained it – no amount of hyperbole does it justice unfortunately, so I’ll just say yeh, I really like it.”

Hell Interface – Midas Touch (Boards of Canada Remix)

“A mate reminded me of this the other day – it’s just a great track, bit like going back to a book you’ve read a stack of times before, never disappoints.”

Alias – Warrior

“Absolute gutter. I’ve gone off Grime massively in the last couple of years – but I still have this on a CD in my car, probably my favorite instrumental – spent a lot of time when I first started producing trying to emulate those distorted bass sounds.”

Icicle – Minus

“This is really the one for me. Friction had it locked down so hard with the Shogun Assasins series, and this was one of the best tracks off a volume that had Spectrasoul – The Tube (another favorite) on it, amongst some other amazing bits. So much brooding atmos, that raw tumbling percussion… was only lucky enough to hear this out a couple of times but it’s a real room shaker.”

Blackpocket – Ur A Sta (Martyn remix)

Spacek on vocals and Martyn on the remix is just the one really.

Instra:mental – Watching You

“It took me a while to warm to this one, I don’t think I got it at first, but I guess I couldn’t it leave out – used to put this in anything-goes hip hop/ downtemp etc mixes, truly genre defying stuff really…”

Jon Convex – New Model

“New one from Jon Convex – I bought the release the other day and it’s just the most beautiful package – 180gr 10″s all wrapped up in this matte finished sleeve. All the tracks are absolutely top drawer, but this really is my shit – can’t wait to play it out.”

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