YouTube Surfing: Darkhouse Fam

This week we call upon one of favourite UK duo’s, Darkhouse Fam. Hailing from Barry and Cardiff in South Wales, Metabeats and Don Leisure have made a distinguished contribution to the world of beat-making, with their ‘In & Out’ EP for Earnest Endeavours pricking up the ears of hip-hop die-hards far and wide. Oli Marlow of Sonic Router fame hits the nail on the head – “Darkhouse Fam seem to be able to make music that simultaneously channels the best bits of Madlib’s attention deficit style and that classic Dabrye-esque futurist vision of beat making.”

Darkhouse Fam bring something a little different this week as we get treated to some vintage wrestling moments, Eddie Griffin and classic Wu-Tang footage…

Lee Perry at his Black Ark Studio

“Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry is without doubt one of my biggest influences. I absolutely love the guy. This clip is wild its from an old Jools Holland series where he goes about Jamaica being all cockney and shit. It was a toss up between this and another clip called ‘Declarations in 1982’ which is even more off the wall. Check the look on the engineers face. ‘Good Day!'”

Vintage WWE

“This is going in because when we saw it in the studio we both lost it and were rolling about like fools rewinding it. Got to love Booker T’s passion here. Shouts to Gorilla Monsoon wherever your at big man…”

Aphex Twin – Ageispolis

“I got this album when I was 15 or 16 and it still sounds as good to me now as it did then. The whole 90s Rephlex/Warp sound was, and still is, a big influence for me but I’ve got this track up on its own little pedestal. The bass – WOW!”

Perfect Angel – Stevie Wonder Tribute to Minnie Riperton 1979.

“There are so many things that are awesome in this video. The styles, the claps(!), Stevie’s tribute and the look on Don Cornelus’ face throughout the track is priceless. Stevie Wonder also drops some real jewels in the interview too – timeless stuff.

Little Nezha Fights Great Dragon Kings – Part 1

“This animation is so slept on. I think my Grandfather or my uncle taped it for me and my sister when were kids. Who knows where he got it but we used to watch it all the time. The whole film is on here so get amongst it!”

Pump Up The Volume – Part 1 – The History Of House Music

“Great documentary. Big inspiration goes without saying – Marshall Jefferson bits are the highlight for me.”

ODB Method Man Interview

“We both love Wu and this vintage interview is one of the best! RIP Russel Jones!”

The Hitter (1979) Australian Video Trailer

“You just stepped knee deep in shit!” shouts to the original superfly Ron O’Neil!

Def Comedy – Jam Eddie Griffin

“One of my all time favourite stand up comedy moments.”

Tomita Studio Parte 2

“Tomita’s stuff is awesome. This video is out there! Best to skip to 4 mins unless you can speak Japanese.”

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