YouTube Sessions: Volte-Face

Just under five years old, BleeD has grown over its life span from a club night into an all encompassing outpost for experimental sounds in the capital. Their parties have given the likes of Demdike Stare, Raime, Vatican Shadow and Haxan Cloak spaces to explore their distinct brand of blackened weirdness in front of open minded audiences – given the freedom to maneuver in a party that exists, “without the pressure to dance”. The man behind BleeD, Casper Clark, came into the venture already a seasoned promoter – with years of experience curating Indie/Dance free for all Adventures In The Beetroot Field wising him up to the challenges of the job. Frequently DJ’ing at his own parties and various others, he’s built up his record collection and connections to the extent where his recent foray into production – under the name Volte-Face, seems not so much natural as long overdo.

Making his bow with a remix for good friend Daniel Avery, the first original work from Clark comes in the shape of the ‘Charlatan‘ EP – the inaugural release for the fledgling BleeD Music imprint. From the pneumatic chug of ‘Until The Light Takes Us’ to the tense ambience of the title track via a Acid drenched banger of a remix of the former from Fever Ray producer Peter Mannerfelt, the EP’s five tracks display a level of versatility and nous that would suggest Clark’s debut was very much worth the wait. Here on YouTube Sessions duty for the first time, he treats to a clucking John Travolta, a hallucinatory Ainsley Harriot, and a surprisingly sunny Trent Reznor…

Rory Bremner does Ainsley

They don’t make them like this any more! Rory Bremner perfectly captures the insanity beneath Ainsley’s incessant innuendo.

Bonus Ainsley

Like Chris Cunningham directing Ready Steady Cook

I Got 5 On It

The bit in the Luniz video when one of the crew is left brutally hanging on a high five left an indelible mark, which can now be relived over and over again, thanks to The Peanut Gang.

Eastenders face-off

One of those memories that I was convinced can’t have actually happened, but it did. Big Mo and Pat go into battle, with the sound of 187 Lockdown’s UK Garage fave, ‘Gunman’ ringing in their ears.

Bonus Eastenders WTF

This really happened too!

Miles Davis Door

A door that does a fair-to-middling impression of Miles Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew’

Gimme Drugs

A young Travolta saying ‘Gimme Drugs’ at various junctures, from ‘70s sitcom Welcome Back Kotter. What more do you want?


What a shame that we’ll never have anything like this on our screens again. In this episode, we have an interview with a well lubricated Jon Carter and Judge Jules in full flow. Fookin ‘avin it large!

Liquid Sky

Have you ever wondered what would happen if miniature murderous aliens surreptitiously visited Earth in search of the endorphins that arise from heroin-enhanced orgasms? Neither has anybody of sane mind, but this is an essential document of early ‘80s no-wave New York, with a killer soundtrack to boot.

Ben E Clock – I Love You

As a producer at the very beginning of my journey, I find it quite encouraging to remind myself that this is what Ben Klock was making at the beginning of his. This Fisher-Price electroclash effort is so braindead, that it’s almost charming. And what’s the deal with the WWF logo and that children’s plastic car on the sleeve? You’ve come a long way, baby!

Sitting And Smiling

I find it strangely comforting to know that, come rain or shine, this young man will be sitting and smiling in that doorway right there. My favourite episode involves a flatmate accidentally walking in on him, but you’ll have to find that one for yourselves.

Harry Enfield – Gay Nazis

If you’ve never seen this before, you can thank me next time you see me. “I’m maaaaad!!”

Soul Man Trailer

Harks back to more innocent times, where casual racism was the order of the day. I’d have plumped for Michael Barrymore’s late ’80s cod-Jamaican send-up of John Barnes, but somebody seems to have seen the sense in consigning that one to the annals of history.

Hale & Pace – You’re Never Going To Get This Song Out Of Your Head

They’re not joking!

Carly Rae Jepsen x Nine Inch Nails

YITT – Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Nine Inch Nails – I Really Like A Hole (Mashup – Duet Mix) from YITT on Vimeo.

What can I say, this just makes me feel really warm inside. I really really really really really like it.

‘Charlatan’ is out via BleeD 11th May. Volte-Face plays fabric Room 1 15th May, buy tickets here

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