YouTube Sessions: Velvit (dBridge)

In the run up to the New Year, we call on drum & bass pioneer, rising house producer, and vocalist dBridge to go fishing for some YouTube pearls. Since 1994, dBridge has been releasing records of the very highest calibre, on Shogun Audio, NonPlus+, Metalheadz, and most notably, his own Exit Records imprint.

From his early work as Future Forces alongside Jason Maldini, through to the output of Autonomic (the label he runs alongisde Instra:mental), it has been clear that this is a musician who isn’t scared to break the mould and tread new ground. Considering this, it only came as a small surprise that this year he announced a new alias – Velvit. A fresh identity for the purpose of exploring slower tempos of dance music; following in a similar vein to Instra:mental’s Boddika and Jon Convex and Marcus Intalex’s Trevino Project.

The two Velvit records to date, released on Exit and Convex Industries, have seen Darren White explore increasingly popular regions of house, and to considerable effect. His vocals on Jon Convex‘s ‘Lied To Be Loved’ EP proved further evidence of his wide ranging musical abilities.

Touching on a J-Dilla interview, the pinacle of the 90s free rave scene, Stevie Wonder, Steve Coogan and his soulman brother, Steve Spacek; this YouTube Session is an entertaining insight into the mind of a long-standing and multi-dimensional musician.

Also, if you are still wondering how to celebrate the new year, why not catch Velvit at The Hydra & Electric Minds’ New Year’s Day party alongside Henrik Schwarz, Mosca, Shed and Levon Vincent. Follow the link for full line-up and tickets.

1. Night & Kate Troubleman Ft. Steve Spacek – Without You

“This was a video created by this user for a track my brother sang on which I’ve always really liked.”

2. J-Dilla Interviews

“A 4-part interview with J-Dilla, he’s been a massive influence to me and this interview gives an insight into the man.”

3. Stevie Wonder – I Don’t Know Why I Love You

“Stevie Wonder is an absolute G. The effortlessness, honesty and belief imprinted in this song is something lost on a lot of music nowadays, I also love the arrangement, it’s constantly rising to a heartfelt climax.”

4. Castlemorton – Free Rave

“This is a news clip from what many say was the last great free party, and what a party it was. I grew up in Malvern so me and my friends knew all the routes in, despite the police road blocks. This was probably the final nail in the coffin for the free party scene with the introduction of the Criminal Justice Bill being pushed through not long after.”

5. In Sync – Storm

“This track took me 19 years to ID. I had it on an old DIY mixtape and loved it to bits. the ghostly melody always stuck with me.”

6. Bladerunner Opening Scene

“As cliche as it may be for a Junglist to be into Bladerunner, it can’t be denied how influential this movie is. The opening scene gets me every time. I get bassface when the Vangelis gliss comes in.”

7. Stone Roses – Fools Gold

“I was a big fan of The Stone Roses and this record formed the foundation of my first steps into collecting vinyl.”

8. Kung-Fu Master

“This game took a lot of my money as a kid, I never did get to the end boss and those little bastards who use to jump got me every time.”

9. Saxondale on DJ’s

“I loved this series, it seemed to fly under the radar. It was one of Coogans best creations in my opinion and his views on DJ’s are spot on.”

10. Beaker Mimi aka Feelings

“Sunday 6pm The Muppet Show on ITV. Loved this show and poor Beaker was a favourite character of mine.”

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