YouTube Sessions: Tuff Sherm

Tuff Sherm emerged in 2012 as the House and Techno-focussed side-project of Sydney producer Eugene Ward aka Dro Carey. Under the Dro Carey alias Ward has brought us Grime and Hip Hop mutations on the likes of The Trilogy Tapes and Templar Sound, whilst his Tuff Sherm moniker has seen releases on Berceuse Heroique, Opal Tapes and most recently, Hot Haus, with the brilliant ‘Dern Werk’ EP in collaboration with Patch Free. A firm favourite at Hyponik, Ward turned in a stellar Hyp mix last May as Tuff Sherm, and around that time we caught up with him to discuss scenes, influences and his native Australia.

Ward steps up on YouTube Sessions duty this week, offering up a selection as diverse as his own output. Dive straight into the mind-boggling visuals of a circuit bent 3DO accompanied by music from Oneohtrix Point Never, before immersing yourself in the graphics of Riverworld, a French-developed PC game from 1998. Tuff Sherm also throws in a funky gem from Soul Connection and some sublime 90s Italian House from MBG, press play and enlighten yourself with accompanying commentary below…

Circuit bent Panasonic 3DO audio visualizer

I have never seen a 3DO in real life but as I understand it there was a brief period in the early 90s where there was a sincere belief that, in the US at least, it had a chance at being one of the dominant consoles. This was banking on ‘full motion video’ being the future of gaming, as opposed to 3D graphics, which is obviously not how things panned out. Audio CD compatibility was a big deal with the rise of the disc-based game consoles and the 3DO featured quite a detailed interface and various visualisations. Someone here has circuit bent their 3DO and placed OPN as the soundtrack.

37 Synthesized Patterns

LZX Industries is a gear manufacturer for modular video synthesis. This is a demo video of what their hardware can do. Because the output is SD analog it translates to YouTube very well. A lot of this – if you did it digitally – you would have all kinds of horrible artifacting at 480p.

nightterrors test

Video artist Nick Bartoletti tests out the LZX gear from above. Probably with various customizations? Anyway he pushes it much further than the smooth sequences in the demos. Amazing sound in this one.

Riverworld – All cutscenes

I really like the feel of the environments and textures in the cutscenes for this 1998 French-developed PC game. Captures the uncanniness that so many visual artists go for now with 3D modelling. And some intelligent camera stuff too. Never played it.

SOUL CONNECTION – Waiting 4 Your Love 1988 – UK Street Soul

INSANELY good YouTube channel. Moody track with amazing mix of the beat yet vocals are quiet and rough. Which works really.

MBG – The Quiet (MBG International) 1991

Didn’t want to put too many vinyl rips in this list, as that may get a bit boring, but I equally can’t shy away from the fact that these sort of uploads are a huge part of my relationship with YouTube. I‘ve been listening to a lot of 90’s Italian house lately and wanted to include this to reflect that. Great track.

Glider Pro – Theme Music

Grew up playing this game and always found this music really moving for some reason. Not just because I liked the game either… It’s clearly quite a well-written pop song and then it’s made really hypnotic and almost nauseating through the 90s QuickTime MIDI instrument set.

Extase – first four levels

Same studio as the Riverworld game above. Puzzle games where you are fixing an android’s emotional programming. There’s something about Amiga graphics and their palette that I find really intense and beautiful. Then there is the sound design, which is triggered based on direct game actions, however, not in the sense of normal game sound FX – as you channel the emotional pulses you construct the different musical stems of the BGM. Pretty amazing stuff for 1990.


Incredible video by Jason Galea (who is part of AV collective Zonk Vision). With music by Holden Hands. Reminds me of a PS1 game – LSD Dream Emulator (also worth looking up on YouTube).

Voiteck vs Honeysmack on Recovery

Most important YouTube video. 2 legends of 90’s Australian techno belting out a gear-heavy set on a ‘live sessions’ sort of TV show.


Tuff Sherm & Patch Free’s ‘Dern Werk’ EP is out now on Hot Haus. Buy it here.

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