YouTube Sessions: Trevino

With a career that spans over 20 years, Marcus Kaye is an artist that has remained true to his vision. Under his Marcus Intalex alias, Kaye is widely known as one of the figureheads of drum and bass in its halcyon years, and his own Soul:r imprint has housed quality releases from the likes of Calibre, dBridge, Instra:mental, and Chimpo.

With a desire to explore slower tempos Kaye started his Trevino moniker in 2011, and to great success. His house and techno creations have seen releases for the likes of 3024 and Klockworks, and he’s consistently bringing new things to the table in a musical area sometimes endangered of becoming recycled. His deep love of golf informs much of his title choices, with label Birdie, and his latest output formed of two 9 track EPs, Front and Back, released separately in the same way a golf course has 18 holes split into two halves.

With Front out now Kaye jumps on this week’s YouTube Sessions with a playlist entitled “Manchester to Detroit”. Read on as he discusses the importance of A Guy Called Gerald, the sounds of Manchester’s iconic Haçienda (where Kaye was a regular punter), and his favourite cut from Carl Craig.

“Some of my fav old school tracks that reflect the similarity between the two techno cites, and the way the music influenced me no end.” – Trevino

‘Manchester to Detroit’


1.A Guy Called Gerald – Emotion Electric

Gerald is the don… A man and machine combination that was made to be. His understanding of how to get the soul out of the machines made him a big influence on me.

2. 808 State – Narcossa

This is 808 State before Gerald left, I didn’t really like them after he had gone. Gerald took the soul with him. It’s dated at 1988 – way ahead of its time.

3. Annette – Dream 17

A Haçienda classic… That bassline, it sounds totally American. The Derrick May remix ain’t too shabby either…

4. Digital Justice – It’s All Gone Pear Shaped

Simon is from Manchester, he was always on the scene – a proper music head. Pear shaped is a killer beatless workout. No wonder it ended up on Transmat, it sounds very Derrick…

5. Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files – Dreamworld

OK so this is by me and S.T Files. It’s definitely not techno, and it samples a Roger S acapella. It also samples the synth sound at the end of ‘It Is What It Is’, which is one of those records that defines Detroit techno for me. Dreamworld has Detroit in its heart and Manchester in its attitude.


6. Separate Minds – We Need Somebody

This reminds me of Mike Pickering and the Haçienda. A lesser known track from those times but an absolute killer on the floor of both house and techno clubs.

7. Psyche – Crackdown

Perhaps my favourite Carl Craig track. Man, he’s made so many great tracks. It’s got that signature Detroit soulful sound, very blue, super chilled but at the same time full of energy and life. The remix is also amazing.

8. The Project – Here We Go

Kevin Saunderson, the man with the bass lines. Again this is one of many of his tunes I love and cherish, but I recall playing this a lot at the time of the rave scene in Blackburn and Manchester.

9. Random Noise Generator – Hysteria

This to me is a classic early ’90s Grooverider tune. I know he had a connection with those guys back in Detroit and always used to play their stuff way before anyone else.

10. KGB – Stark

I never got this on 12″, just on a Detroit techno compilation that’s a mega quiet pressing so could never play it, but I love this track. The secret to the sound of Detroit is all in the patterns and melodies. The bass line is incredible in this track, so menacing.

Trevino’s Front is out now via Birdie, and can be purchased here

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