YouTube Sessions: Throwing Snow

As you may have worked out by now, we like Throwing Snow. Even in the time since we last checked in with Ross Tones, there has been plenty to talk about. Tones had a stern tug at the heartstrings late last year with the beautiful ‘Aspera’ EP and has since announced a full album deal with fabric’s new Houndstooth venture. He recently supported the Thom Yorke-fronted Atoms for Peace in London and will be packing up his live show and hitting the road on tour with Bonobo throughout Europe in May and June. So a pretty good start to the year you’d probably agree.

In the countdown to his performance at Hyponik’s showcase in the Pirin Mountains at this years Horizon Festival ThroSno does a spot of online musing for us. This weeks agenda consists of the Warsaw Village Band, the Rizla spinning trick, the science behind waves and a load of other really cool shit.

Myown – Vesna (left_blank)

“Why, oh why did people miss this…”

Bug in Mouth Brings Out the Street in Reporter

“I love this clip too much… plus the poor guy has hay fever”

Scelsi: “Anahit” Part One

“Pretty much my favourite composer, Scelsi”

The Secret Life Of Waves Part 1

“Really amazing documentary about the science behind waves that results in a truly profound view point of existence – must be watched to the end”

Rizla Spinning Trick

“If I ever met you I’d probably show you how to do this with a rizla”

Rosalie Hill: Rolled and Tumbled (1959)

“Field Recorded Blues (1959)”

Brrd – Noose Paper

“Brrd is such a badman for sampling Darkplace!”

Check this by him too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuz5p8AjgoI

Earthtone9 – Evil Crawling

“If I’m angry this is my ‘calm down’ track”

Warsaw Village Band – Maydów

“Better than dubstep ;)”

Unique performance of Steve Reich – 1 musician on 2 pianos

“Mindblowing interpretation of Steve Riech ‘Piano Phase’. This is version of ‘Violin Phase’ is also worth watching.”

Dem Hunger – Fried Squid

“Dem Hunger (Wanda Group) is untouchable”

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven

“Godspeed are flawless”

Memotone Bedroom Session July 2009

“Memotone is one of my favourite personages so watch this…”

and then this…


Photography: Maya Manwaring

Throwing Snow to perform at Horizon Festival in Bulgaria March 23rd-30th alongside Crazy P, Jackmaster, Loefah, Dark Sky and more. Click here for the few remaining tickets.

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