YouTube Sessions: Swindle

Ahead of the launch party this Friday, where he will perform new and classic material with his new band, Swindle jumps on the YouTube dials to celebrate the release of his ‘Long Live The Jazz’ album.

The LP further explores the vivid Swindle sound that continues to bridge grime and dubstep with musical influences from classic artists such as George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic and Roy Ayers. Boogie synths, talk box (think Joker meets Redihno) and rollling basslines all feature prominently, with the likes Nadia Suliman & Footsie, The Milk, Terri Walker and Sam Frank all making guest appearances.

Swindle’s session delves into some of his main musical influences, featuring awesome moments from James Brown, Micheal Jackson & Prince (off his tits), Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street, The Works Documentary on Roni Size and a shout out to Sharkey & George.


“James Brown, Micheal Jackson & Prince on the same stage! It kills me to know I’ll never experience this in the flesh! I love how Prince is off his face.”

“Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones in the studio! Both these guys changed the way I think about creating music, I wish I could jump in the screen and join in, some serious kit in Herb’s old studio! Classic.”

“Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street – I wish Kids TV was still this good!”

“One of my have performances ever really, so thought out, so many people involved… just funky as!”

“I don’t care what anyone says, Sun Ra was not only a genius but spoke about something real, something I can see in George Clinton and Lee Scratch Perry – the guy is amazing, and I believe him.”

“More Stevie Wonder! Why do birds… suddenly appear… beautiful.”

“I remember watching this live on TV – completely inspired me. I think at that point I started to believe one day I would make music for a living.”

“Most iconic performance of all time? Definitely up there.”

“Rockers – great jamaican movie, wish I could find the whole movie on YouTube.”

Sharkey and George, if you’re old enough to know this, then we got something in common!

Swindle’s ‘Long Live The Jazz’ is out June 16 on DEEP MEDi.

Photo: Ashes 57

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