Youtube Sessions: Space Dimension Controller

A Belfast native, Jack Hammil has always set his sights on decidedly more celestial sources for inspiration. Through his alter ego Space Dimension Controller, Hammil has spent the last few years releasing invariably funky and occasionally highly conceptual takes on house and techno, to much acclaim. His album ‘Welcome To Mikrosektor 50′ out on R&S last year marked the zenith of Hammil’s imaginative vision, with the LP stretching a galactic odyssey narrative across 13 tracks which bore the influences of Prince and Drexciya. Crucially for those wishing to enjoy Hammil’s music though, the concepts have been handled through his endearingly screwball sense of humour which ensures his tongue has always been nestled firmly in cheek. Those who have witnessed the abrupt and hilarious detours that his DJ sets can often take into R.Kelly and Phil Collins ( he bears the notable distinction of being the first, and maybe only DJ, to open with Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ at Berlin’s clubbing mecca Panorama Bar ) can attest to this.

In advance of his forthcoming ‘Correlation #1’ EP on Clone’s Royal Oak imprint ( which we covered here ), we got Hammil to talk us through his favourite Youtube clips to give us an insight into what fuels his active imagination. Expect Brian Eno documentaries sitting comfortably alongside singing cats and cuts from the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack…

Early CGI Facial Animation (1974)

Amazing spacey ambient synth music accompanied by some creepy, primitive CGI facial animation.

Dr Lucien Sanchez – One Track Lover

Dr Lucien Sanchez – One Track Lover by dm_518fb6fb96de3

It isn’t on YouTube because of Channel 4 copyright, so hopefully you don’t mind that I use Dailymotion. I could pick a lot of my favourite parts from Darkplace, but this one will do. Darkplace is one of the biggest influences on my sound and the story parts of Welcome to Mikrosector-50.

Day of the Dead (1985) Soundtrack – Breakdown (Track 2 by John Harrison)

I grew up on George A. Romero’s films, but I hadn’t watched Day of the Dead for years until I was reminded of the soundtrack by Boards of Canada’s new album. The whole soundtrack is great say for a couple of pretty bad vocal tunes.

Pierre Arvay – Desert De Glace

Another track from a George A. Romero film, this time from Dawn of the Dead. While the soundtrack of Dawn of the Dead is nowhere near as synthy, there are a few tunes on it that I really love, this being my favourite.

Singing Kitties

One from the Rathergood camp. I could have gone with one of the classics, but this one is sweet.

Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Hi-Tech Jazz (Live)

This video blew my mind whenever I first got into Detroit techno. I couldn’t believe that music like that could be played so live and to so many people.

DJ Crilly MC

Classic from Belfast’s greatest living MC.

Hypnosis – Episode 6 Part 1 – Belfast – Channel 4 – 1993

I was only 3 when this was aired, but it’s a nice insight to what Belfast was like back then.

Brian Eno Imaginary Landscapes

Great Brian Eno documentary. There are some tracks used in it that I don’t even recognise even though I thought I had everything he made. Need to start digging again.

John Peel’s Sound of the Suburbs – Cornwall (1/2)

John Peel interviews Richard James and Luke Vibert in Cornwall back in 1999.

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