YouTube Sessions: Sharp Veins

Rules, as they say, are made to be broken, and under whatever chosen alias, Harrison King forgoes the prescribed genre standards in favour of an innovative approach that captures the attention of the online music community. Based on the East Coast but born in Alabama, the producer began making boom-bap beats as Sharp Veins, then released a slew of tracks under the name William Skeng, before returning to his original title little over a year ago.

Originally on a mission to bridge the gap between the blurred boundaries of various musical styles, King proved an ability to craft a seductive melody as well as a weighty bassline. As William Skeng, his track ‘Visit Me’ appeared on influential London club night Boxed’s debut compilation, and found itself on heavy rotation in the sets of the DJ community that surrounds the night. It was only about a year ago that he switched from Skeng to Sharp Veins, trading with it his smoother, RnB stylings for a new brand of esoteric electronic music. Recent work showcases an inquisitive producer, where Ambient epics sit neatly next to weirdo Techno and 140 vocal cut-ups.

As Sharp Veins, King has recently featured on Bristol-based record company Blacklink Sound‘s debut VA 12″ and created the soundtrack for AV project Sendspaace, released as a limited run CD, both selling out in a matter of days. His first official EP ‘Inbox Island’ lands on the world beating Glacial Sound and is written about “idyllic, isolated locations far away from where I am now, all viewed through a digital prism”. Here, in our YouTube Sessions feature, he gives us a run down of the landscapes and sounds that inspired his debut release.

1. City of Unalaska and the Valley
There’s something really enchanting about this guy’s videos to me. They’re meditative, mysterious, almost voyeuristic at times. 

2. Gas – Untitled #3
I didn’t listen to a whole lot of new music when making Inbox Island, but I did (re)discover lots of older stuff, such as Gas. I hope I can some day make something as swirling & impressionistic as this.

3. Bald Eagle swimming after too large of a catch – Alaska
Can honestly say I never thought I’d see a raptor swim, but here we are.

4. The Congos – Open Up The Gate, Inne de Yard
Heart of the Congos got played a lot too. This is a live performance of my favorite song from the album. I love how loose and joyous it is.

5. Adak scenery
“For a frozen rock with hardly any trees, it sure was perty.”

6. Actress – Rap
I would listen to “Rap” on repeat when commuting in New York City. This and “Nobody Here” by OPN  got me really fascinated with the potential present in shifting loops.

7. moring of new tokyo-3
Watched Evangelion for the first time last summer. Like Twin Peaks, half the reason I enjoyed the show so much was because I liked the window I got into an alternate reality, even if the alternate realities in both shows were quite fucked up.

8. Paul St. Hilaire & René Löwe – Faith (Vox Mix)
I could’ve picked pretty much anything from Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound or Chain Reaction, but I chose this one because of René Löwe (aka Vainquer) and because it sort of parallels the footage of Tokyo-3 in the last video.

9. Iceberg collapsing – Glacier s’effritant
 It’s really nice inhabiting this perspective. The woman behind the camera’s voice after the iceberg partially collapses makes me happy in the same way that Congos performance does for some reason.
10. Björk – Desired Constellation
The intimacy / vulnerability / power in Björk’s voice is one of my favorite things in music. I don’t know what I’d put after this

Inbox Island is out now on Glacial Sound and is available to buy now.

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