YouTube Sessions: Shanti Celeste

Shanti Celeste is a key player in Bristol’s Idle Hands crew as well as the one of the city’s finest DJ’s. By day she works in a record store and this occupation shines through in her warm playing style and effortless solo productions. Having previously released material on Idle Hands and her own brstl imprint co-run with Chris Farrell, her third and latest release is an testament to classic House cross-pollinated with Electro and landed on Julio Bashmore’s Broadwalk imprint in September.

Ahead of her set for comm•une at Dance Tunnel tomorrow night, she’s delivered this week’s YouTube Sessions, providing us with a vibrant selection featuring some of the freshest sounds coming out of the South West, a memorable scene from Twin Peaks, a hearty gospel session in NYC’s Penn Station and Aurthur Russell b2b with the Muppets…

Charlie – Spacer Woman

This is a good Italo tune! Pretty trippy video as well, and I like the little fishy-looking aliens in it. I feel like that sometimes…

Shanti Celeste – Universal Glow

I know it’s shameless, but I do really love my video. It was done by my friend Joe Evans, and I had to wear big fake nails and do loads of weird stuff when we were filming it. It was a lol 🙂

Velour – Plato’s Retreat

This is another one of Joe’s things. I really like this video, and the tune is pretty cool too.

Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love (1981)

I LOVE THIS TUNE! The video is nice to watch as well. It puts me in a good mood. It’s chirpy and colourful!

Twin Peaks sandwich scene

Been watching Twin Peaks recently, and I thought this scene was quite funny. Looking forward to seeing what the new series is going to be like.

The New Dance Show

I wish there was a show like this now, although if there was, the music would probably be quite shit and commercial, and definitely not as jacking as this. Someone should invent a more updated but underground version of this.

Gospel in the subway NYC

Love this. I think that if I was ever in the subway and that happened, I wouldn’t be able to leave. I’d probably be there for ages!

Hello Dave

This one goes out to the Daves in my life.

That’s Us / Wild Combination – Arthur Russell x The Muppet Movie

I love Arthur Russell, and am partial to a bit of Muppet humour sometimes. This is a nice combination of the two. Miss Piggy does scare me a little bit though!

How To Make Salad

I’m very proud of the salads that I make, and I think that everyone else should know how to make a good salad as well. Watch and learn.

Shanti Celeste will appear alongside Max Graef and K15 for comm•une at Dance Tunnel in London this Friday, tickets here

Photography: Cezar Photography

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