YouTube Sessions: Reso

Fresh from the release of his debut album ‘Tangram’, Reso joins us to exhibit a decapod of YouTube favourites. For anyone yet to experience the schizophrenic wonders of the aforementioned, we strongly advise you find the time to take the ride. Over the course of 13 tracks Alex Melia validates the position of the electronic music LP, coherently linking the darker realms of dubstep, sci-fi, ambient, jungle, dnb and Manga.

Naturally – with Reso being pretty nifty with the drum sticks – this session is loaded with drum porn: Bernard “Pretty” Purdie‘s Ghostnotes join otherworldly Tony Royster Jr and Stevie Wonder solos, alongside a healthy dose of YouTube comedy gold. Enjoy.

Tony Royster Jr – Drum Solo

“One of the sickest drum solos ever and he was twelve at the time. Pretty much made me want to
give up drumming. Shame he went on to drum for Disney.”

Thundercats Theme Song

“Best… Theme… Tune… EVER. Shame the cartoon was actually pretty shit upon reflection.”

Nu Thang (Capital Cities Remix)

“The original is pretty special but this remix is brilliant. It’s one of the best auto-tune remixes I’ve heard. So much so it’s gone beyond novelty for me and I actually genuinely listen to it for pleasure. Well done capital cities.”

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie: Ghostnotes

“This man is a legend. He’s groove made tangible. I watched a load of these videos growing up, though in those days I had to spend £30 on a shitty VHS from rose morris in Denmark street. I wish he was my uncle, plus everything he says is SAMPLE GOLD!”

I’m a Mushroom – DJO

“This is very funny. That is all”

Error 37 Rage, Error 3006 Rage, Diablo 3 Rage!

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Sometimes I know how he feels.”

Stevie Wonder Drum Solo

“The description of this video says it all: Can’t nobody fuck with the dude Stevie Wonder.”


“One of my favourite game themes played by a badass drummer using midi triggers. The man’s a G.”

Reso – Axion (Official Music Video) ‘Tangram LP’ (Civil Music)

“Shameless self promotion, although I think this video is ace! Tim Fox is the man! And to those who get a bit freaked out, what would you prefer? Another sweaty ravers video? Original.”

Reso plays at ‘Fabriclive Presents Rusko’ on November 29. Get more info and tickets here.

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