YouTube Sessions: Reckonwrong

Get inside the musical mind of Reckonwrong.

London producer Reckonwrong’s debut on Whities last year displayed his penchant for off-kilter sounds – gifting us music that had imagination and a sense of humour without saying a word. On his return he further displays his light-hearted style with the vocal-led ‘The Passions of Pez’.

The plod of the track to the lackadaisical vocals and almost haphazard guitar plucks make it surprisingly hip to dance to – free of an overpowering kick or booming voice, it carries an air of innocent fun that is refreshing. “Don’t worry love, we’ll try again later” he sings. A simple line yet endearing in its calm and droll nature. This is a track that’s beautifully extrovert in its own subtle ways.

‘Getting Warmer’ is a more introvert piece of music, where sub surges abruptly welcome us into a psychedelic well. The track’s backbone – organ stabs and swashing pads – are momentarily joined by trickling pianos, distorted synths and other such flickering fancies. It’s a vibe that falls somewhere between spooky and curious but still characteristically goofy – think Alice in Wonderland.

Whities is excellent at offering a glimpse at more adventurous producers pushing their stranger sides. Reckonwrong typifies the label in this sense, and it’s largely thanks to this follow-up. Where his debut glared with bold textures, his second has refined them without losing that colourful character.

As a producer we feel is worth getting to know better, Reckonwrong has pulled together five tracks that give a snapshot of his varied influences. From Cooly G to Surgeon, listen below.

1. Thomas Dolby – One of Our Submarines

I don’t always get on with Dolby’s voice, but this is perfect. Great songwriting and he projects a vibe that’s simultaneously ultra-cool and kind of endearingly lame.

2. Cooly G – Dis Boy Pt.4

One of my favourite producers – this track in particular nails the aloof/driving tension and catches such an idiosyncratic blue atmosphere. Deceptively simple, but both emotionally direct and heavy in a club.

3. Surgeon – Mangeze

I aspire to create a feeling in the sonics of my music similar to the satisfaction of pulling velcro apart, which I get strongly from this and other ’90s Birmingham stuff. Bites in a very addictive way.

4. Jame Principal – Baby Wants To Ride (Unreleased Version)

Love the Trax version too, but this demo blows my mind. The arrangement is so cool and understated and resourceful (I especially love the way the intro is tape-edited onto the front of the track), and the vocal drips charisma in its bedroom-y way, getting the sleaze factor spot on with the balance of sex and humour.

5. Alice Coltrane – Jai Rama Chandra

Melt into the universe 🙏.

Whities 009 is out now, grab it here. Reckonwrong plays The Yard with Galcher Lustwerk and Tasker on December 2, tickets available here.

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