YouTube Sessions: R.O.S.H

Roshan Chauhan first appeared as R.O.S.H with last year’s For My Bristol Friends EP on label Drumz For Eternity. The record marked an impressive debut for both producer and label, with two deadly alternate versions of the title track that displayed Chauhan’s ability to pull atmospherically haunting euphoria from rugged techno frameworks.

A professional mixing engineer by trade, the Hertfordshire producer crafts bracing club music with a vast array of influences. An upcoming release on the ever-influential Rubadub Records further defines his versatility, as the Stranger Things inspired EP Winona’s Love fuses Carpenter-esque synths with UK funky indebted percussion and a heavy dose of murky low-end.

With support from the likes of Pangaea, Randomer, Beneath, Jon Rust, Akito and more, Chauhan once again comes correct and ahead of the release, he shares with us the YouTube videos that currently sit deeply in the back of his mind, both absurd and bizarre.

Here’s what R.O.S.H had to say on his choices:

“I’m a big fan of the YouTube sessions format but I’d thought I’d put a twist on the usual music driven listicle that artists have recently done.

After all, finding out whether a persons YouTube history is full of cat videos or dank420-illuminati-Young-Thug hour long hot boxed rants, is the only way you’ll ever really know someone.

So below contain the videos that currently sit, uncomfortably or otherwise, in the back of my mind. They’ll range from the inane to the insane. Game glitches to political documentaries. Welcome to my YouTube sessions.”

1. Heavy Rain Glitch


Making video games is hard. That said, when it all goes wrong and during the dramatic final sequence your main character glitches out and doesn’t stop screaming the name of his son in a loop of the same 4 takes and facial expressions while everyone continues on as normal, you have yourself a recipe for hilarity.

What if you did this in real life? What if you were presented with a situation so crushingly awkward that the only way to escape was to pretend you somehow malfunctioned, and you just began to scream the name of a random person loudly until you felt like you had created enough of a distraction you could escape? Head held high that you’d dodged a bullet, instead of having to lie, or reveal something overwhelmingly embarrassing about yourself.

Instead, everyone is now wondering who Jenny is and are promptly declining that Facebook friend request you made earlier in the night.

2. Pretty Ricky – Late Night Special

“The other 4 in the back, getting ready. But me? I’m impatient”. There’s more than just an ottoman to love about this video. X2C, Relentless, Pipelayer, Pressure and Satisfaktion lay their dignity, on (the) line, for their love of dance, R’N’B slow jams and ‘laying pipe’.

I’d like to formally announce that my technical rider now contains the sentence. “Must be enough room behind the decks for me to lay pipe.” Please note that this in no way asserts that ‘laying pipe’ will occur during my set, only that I wish to watch the stage manager give it a few runs in the booth before sound checking.

3. Anywhere But Westminster

Journalism, both here and across the pond, has entered into some kind of race to the bottom. Maybe it was always this crap or maybe it was the ‘democratisation’ of the internet what did it. It’s created a shock first, facts later style of writing that has seen some of the worst takes in recent memory be plastered across previously cherished institutions. In the week of writing this, ‘The Atlantic’ falls inline with countless other tone deaf neoliberal hacks in equating Corbyn to Trump.

Both George Monbiot and Stevenage’s own Gary Younge lament how the make up of the press leads to a failure of the very thing it’s designed to do.

“The first ambition of a journalist should be to know as few journalists as possible – to escape the hall of mirrors. We should actively recruit people from poorer backgrounds, and diversify our expertise. There is a lack of contact not only with most of the population, but also with the material world and its physical parameters.”

Channel Four’s now viral video of Jon Snow admitting that he, and the class of people he represents, know nothing is a welcome change and perhaps the first step in the right direction.

Someone who’s been doing it right from the get go is John Harris of the Guardian and his video series, Anywhere But Westminster. BBC vox pops of racist old men post Brexit vote they are not. They are, with Harris’s meandering muses, designed to explore the world of the individual electorate. Understanding what messages are getting through to which people, beyond the confined enclaves of our social media bubbles.

Journalists who spend all day retweeting their peers, rushing to give the laziest take on the topic of the moment or use language to create east vs west standards on morality should be called out on it. Britain just sent a message demanding a better kind of politics, maybe we could demand a better press too.

4. Buy My Wife’s Vision Board!

“This is a scene from the notebook. I know she desired that kind of passion you could only find in the movies. She was looking for something she couldn’t have…”

When you have to ask yourself if something is genuine or not, I think the real winner becomes the art that you’re witnessing. The ‘My Wife’s Junk’ channel blurs the lines between sincere hopelessness and performance piece so expertly it makes you do just that.

5. Rock-a-fire: Pop Lock & Drop It

“Aye, it’s so beautiful when a plan comes together…”

An animatronic bird that lives in a disused oil barrel nods his head to the beat. It’s eyes glazed over from extended solvent abuse and years of breathing in fumes of the residue oil.

A barely functioning sun rises in the background from behind the shrubs. The motors in its lips now rusted and almost seized, unable to keep up with the backing track. “Damn lil mama I’m saying. Uh, all that in them jeans?.”

In some super meta planning, the robotically auto-tuned voice of T-Pain is allocated to the hand puppet of another animatronic. A sick joke within a joke. The puppet, paralysed from the neck down and seeming unable to frown without shutting both eyes screams, “I’m the Pain, better known as Teddy Penderass down.”

The curtains close on the face of a wolf who’s left eye just became stuck shut. Your reflection in the screen stares back at you. You were the bird all along.

6. Tim Westwood | Cardi B interview

“If your mans in jail, I think, you’ve got a pass to give up the pussy.”

Tim Westwood interviews are really the stuff of legend. Not always for the right reasons admittedly, but there’s no denying the rapport he has with some of the biggest figures in US hip hop are the envy of countless US based radio talk show hacks. No one does it like Westwood and this recent interview he does with Cardi B really showcases all.

It’s a nightmare-ish roller coaster of emotions where Cardi B, seemingly lacking any form of media training, is probed on all aspects of her personal life. Westwood somehow manages to find no end of innuendo in his opening line of questioning about weaves and by the time we get to intimate relationship advice, both the characters on screen and you, the viewer, have transcended to a new plane of understanding.

You look around and now you see the world as Westwood sees it. An endless stream of social possibilities. You message your line manager what you really think of them. You message your crush all your deepest feelings. You tell a friend you miss them.

Later that evening the ramifications take their toll. You’ve been fired. Your crush thinks you’re a weirdo and you remember your best friends been dead for years. Why did it all go so wrong?

It’s because you’re not Tim fucking Westwood that’s why.


“We live in a hopelessly depressing world…” I’ve not shown this video to many people. I can probably count the number on a single hand. The first person I showed it to, the reaction was… interesting. The setting was particularly eerie, the windowless and dim lighting of an acoustically treated mix room. The dissonant sound track blared from the speakers. 14 minutes later the screen turned black and it was over.


“What did you think?”

“I thought I was going to die.”


Winona’s Love is out June 30 on Rubadub. Pre-order it here. 

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