YouTube Sessions: Py

Striking the perfect balance between hooky immediacy and intriguingly complex beats, the music of Jade Pybus (best known simply as Py) is perfectly poised to take over this year. Over the previous two years or so, Py has found her vocals adorning productions from an extensive list of artists that includes everyone from Maya Jane Coles and George FitzGerald to Lapalux and Throwing Snow. Her willingness to play around with her voice and the scope of the beats which she finds herself on mark her out as a genuine artist amongst the legions of manufactured pop talent, although it would be no surprise if her  newest effort, ‘Swimming Slow’, finds her crashing the cheese fest currently in session in the Top 40. A slow burner that builds into a goosebump inducing chorus, its a wonderful example of what modern pop music can be when it tries

Sitting in the YouTube Sessions hot seat for us this week, Py gives us a pick-n-mix of musical delights. Unsurprisingly female vocals feature pretty prominently, with some classic bits from Björk, Portishead, Jill Scott and Minnie Ripperton, whilst there’s also a modern day DnB classic to round things off.

Oh, and if you happen to be in London on the 4th of March, be sure to head to the ‘Swimming Slow’ launch party at Madame Jojo’s with Py, Mo Kolours and Throwing Snow.

Lori & The Chameleons – ‘The Lonely Spy’

My friend David played me this a very long time ago, something about it sticks with me, I love the footage and the icy vocals.

De Frank Professionals – ‘Afe Ate Yen Bio’

This one’s a percy of my two mates with very good ears, Alex, over at tumbleweave and my drummer Andy. THIS again and again all over. This makes me do a room dance of joy.

Two Inch Punch – ‘Moonstruck’

In case you haven’t guessed yet, I am bit of a fan girl of T.I.P I never get over listening to this.

Jill Scott – ‘A Long Walk’

I was a big fan of Jill Scott growing up. I used to cover this in a band at school.

Minnie Ripperton – ‘Loving You’

Her tone is beaaautiful, she is flawless.

Björk – ‘Hidden Place’

I loveeeee this.

The Birds Final Attack Sequence with Full Symphonic Score

One of my favourite films and soundtracks.

Throwing Snow and Py – ‘Wallow’

The first video I did, with Throwing Snow.

Flako – ‘Honey Drips’

Hypnotising yummyness…all of these sounds.

Sia – ‘Little Man’ (Exemen Works)

YEEeeeee. Sia is also a huge inspiration, an amazing vocalist and writer.

Portishead – All Mine

One of my favourite music videos. I like how her voice is disembodied and planted into the girl performing.

Ólöf Arnalds – ‘Surrender’ (featuring Björk)

I have always been influenced and drawn to dance, I love how their bodies intertwine and move together.

Audrey Hepburn Dance

She is the best.

Billie Holliday – ‘Strange Fruit’

My biggest influence, her voice made me want to sing.

Nancy Sinatra – ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

Haha! I used to boogie around and sing this when I tiny. I wanted to be her.

Brigitte Bardot – And God Created Woman (1956)

She must be the sexiest woman on earth.

Instra:mental – ‘Watching You’

Whenever I hear this I immediately want to dance whilst crying and then make music. Its so good.

‘Swimming Slow’ is out 10th March on MTDL_RCRDS. 

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