YouTube Sessions: Perc and Truss

Revered as demigods by Techno fans of a certain disposition, Perc and Truss are responsible for some of the most visceral music to blow speakers in recent years. The former has been churning out abrasive dancefloor punishers for well over a decade now, with this year’s ‘The Power And The Glory’ full length typifying the blackened grit that’s become his calling card. Seen as a role model by the swathes of young British producers currently dabbling in similarly darkened Industrial Techno soundscapes, his label Perc Trax is due to celebrate its ten year anniversary in November with a bumper double disc compilation.

Truss, very much a musically kindred spirit of Perc’s, has been making waves in his own right for nearly as long with releases under that name and with the grainy Acid of his MPIA3 alias. The older brother of Tessela, he’s won the favour of critics and Techno lovers alike for his UK-flavoured interpretations of the tough Berlin style that came to prominence in the mid to latee 00’s. Previously releasing on his label, Truss has now joined forces with Perc on two dizzying EP’s over the last two years – 2013’s ‘Spiker’ and last month’s ‘Two Hundred’.

With a split selection on this week’s YouTube Sessions, the pair delivered more than a few surprises. Paula Abdul, camp Italo-Disco and Rihanna’s involvement in the Illuminati might not be the first things you’d expect from two of the most uncompromising artists in electronic music, but that’s exactly what you get on this nicely varied selection.


Russian Mario Banger

The best 6 seconds of anything ever.

Smart Systems – ‘Tingler’

Pure fire from Future Sound Of London.

Guns N’ Roses – Live at the Ritz – 1988

I’ve been on a GNR binge recently and this is one of the tightest live performances I’ve seen from any band.

Paula Abdul – ‘Forever Your Girl’


Rihanna admits she’s an Illuminati Princess and proof Jay-Z is a Satanist

Some proper tinfoil hat nonsense going on here. Laughably deranged.


John Maus – ‘Believer’

Sound and visuals combined to absolute perfection

Italian Gabber Rave

Thanks to Bleaching Agent for introducing me to Discoteca Number One in Brescia, Nothern Italy. These guys aren’t fighting, something to do with building a human pyramid or something…

La Bionda – ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’

More gold from Italy. The guys are considered the founders of Italo disco and quite possibly the founders of the double hand clap.

Sir Ken Robinson: Ted Talk

Ken Robinson talks a lot of sense. The education system in the post industrial world is in need of a big overhaul.

Eek-A-Mouse – ‘The Mouse Hole’

Check out in here.

Perc and Truss’ collaborative ‘Two Hundred’ EP is out now on Perc Trax, buy it here.

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