YouTube Sessions: My Panda Shall Fly

It’s not often we feature someone on the website with the knowledge of what they look like almost completely naked nestled squarely in the forefront of our minds, but then again Suren Seneviratne, aka. My Panda Shall Fly, is no typical producer. Born in Sri-Lanka, Seneviratne has lived in London for most of his life, eventually attending Goldsmiths to study fine art. It was his tenure at this hotbed of creativity that goes along way to explaining his open minded approach to music, with his relatively humble body of work displaying more experimentation than producers twice as experienced as himself. Traipsing from the heady, analogue machine music of ‘Tape Tekno’ last year to his EP with Adventure! Elephant, ‘Maccron Accent’ (the incredible video for ‘Opening Brace’ contains the aforementioned cameo of Seneviratne nearly starkers), with aplomb, his next release on Creaked promises another complex tapestry of sounds.

Hooking up Seneviratne for this week’s YouTube Sessions, we were expecting an ‘unusual’ selection, and its pretty safe he delivered upon that expectation emphatically. Read on for one the most irreverent installments in the series, as we’re treated to inexplicably popular Indonesian clips, tractor demonstrations and a caged nightingale…

Drilling square holes

This is essential viewing for anyone with the even the remotest interest in machining or metal-working (not me).

Tes keaslian ‘Minyak Mani Gajah (MMG)’ milik Tabib Mohammad Dwi

Okay, not really sure what’s going on here. What bewilders me is the fact that this video has over 320,000 views. A rough translation from Indonesian provided me with the following: “It is said that the original MMG can ‘invite’ a small bee golden color when in the right-topical-objects into the human body or skin in the morning wherever you are”. Instant favourite.


Beautiful stuff from this frog/lizard/turtle hybrid. Who is this? Why are they blindfolded? What is the significance of the water? Genius, I dare say.

Uploads from hasan ahmed

This Asian guy films stuff on his phone and soundtracks them with everything from pop rock to classical & hip hop. He must be an estate agent or something, I just don’t know who watches this stuff. I’ve taken the liberty of posting his full filmography (of 72 videos) here for your enjoyment.

John Deere Tractor Raking Hay

Pretty much what the title says: “John Deere Tractor Raking Hay”. Till today I had no idea that some country folk just take their tractor out for a spin, just for the hell of it. One commenter claims he is “Just a fan of John Deere and Farming Simulator 2013” whereas another less-impressed commenter barks “l can get just as much done with my old dump rake and team of horses”. Fair enough I guess…

Denise Carter’s Smarty Bunch – GEOMETRY TRANSFORMATIONS

Respect to Denise Carter for putting the FUN in TRANS-FUN-MATION (sorry). No, but seriously, I learnt that you “flip for reflection, slide for translation and turn for rotation”. That’s pretty cool.

Slavujar, Burung Kenari Dengan Lagu Nightingale

A nightingale just hanging out in a cage. I was astonished to find that this is in fact a Luscinia Magarhynchos not a Ficedula parva as I’d first believed. If you watch all the way through till 0:19 you can hear it going crazy and truly displaying its talent in the most incredible manner. I wish the owner would let this handsome bird free. I will light a candle for this bird this evening.


A little demo video of a new motorbike called “Stingray” made by a Japanese company. It looks funny, and could be yours for only 6,700¥. This is only £600 or so which I think is quite good.

Real Dinosaur Sounds 2

Allegedly a recording of “real” dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period. Dunno how the hell this guy got such a good recording of this stuff to be honest, but what an absolute legend. I’ve ripped this and set is as my morning alarm clock sound.

X DOT 25 Music – Love (Amoon Az Daste Eshgh) – Aldoush

This was one of the first ever videos I’d bookmarked on my browser. It was quite nice to revisit this – especially as I was immediately reminded what a gorgeous song this is. Truly a gem; from Iran in 1993. This is the kind of obscure thing I’d probably never had stumbled upon had it not been for Youtube. For that, I sincerely thank the Internet with all my heart. Only in mono though :'(

‘No Secrets’ is out 28th April on Creaked Records. 

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