YouTube Sessions: Owen Howells

One third of the Shades of Grey label and clubnight, half of Elson David, and a very promising producer in his own right, Owen Howells is next to tell us about some YouTube favourites.

Australian-raised Howells has gradually built a solid reputation within UK house and techno, in no small part due to his most recent release, ‘The Seen‘ EP. The original, backed by two remixes from Dexter Kane and Rico Casazza, picked up support from DJs worldwide, and has proved an equally good look for the promising Shades Of Grey label.

To add to the insight we got from Monday’s Elson David Hyp mix, he pays his respects to the recently passed Martin Dawson and reveals killer footage of Larry Levan, Jeff Mills, Gang Starr, Ryan Elliott and more.

1. Hand Made: The making: KiNK

“I love KiNK and have quite a few of his records and then when I stumbled across this I found it pretty inspiring, I like the way he’s creatively sampled something, it looks to me like he’s even beat matching the turntable to the drum machine. An interesting insight into his creative process on this particular track I thought.”

2. Gangstarr – Moment Of Truth

“I listened to loads of Gangstarr growing up, I don’t listen to anywhere near as much hip hop now but still have a great admiration for their wisdom and music. I love this shit.”

3. JEFF MILLS – Purpose Maker Mix (part 1/5)

“Phhh nothing to really say just look at him go”

4. Elson David – God Bless

“A collaboration with good friend and label bud Luke Harris (Duct), Elson David – ‘Awakening’ EP is coming out on vinyl+digital very soon, featuring this and two other acid-tinged tracks. Actually spotted it on your YouTube channel of all places.”

5. Martin Dawson – Is This Goodbye

“Really sad to hear of Martin Dawson passing away this weekend, reading online it’s clear to see his music touched and inspired so many people, so this one goes out to him! RIP”

6. Last Shop Standing

“A great documentary, this is just a link to the trailer but it’s well worth a watch if that’s your thing. I found it surprisingly moving.”

7. Ryan Elliott – 40 min Boiler Room DJ Set

“My favourite record selector Ryan Elliot! I found this long-ish (for youtube) clip of him from a recent Boiler Room set.”

8. Ballad Of The Skeletons

“I grew up in Australia and there’s a yearly top 100 tracks thing on this particular day each year, one year, this out of no where did really well and I still dig it.”

9. Maestro – Larry Levan & early DJ culture (1/9)

“A friend has been posting up dance music culture/DJ culture documentaries, both old and new and this was one of them. Its looking at right back to NYC in the Paradise Garage days and of course Larry Levan. It’s like a 9 part series but they’re all up there for free, so if anyone enjoys the 1st episode, click on!”

10. A Number Of Names – Sharevari

“I first heard this on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space radio, SHAREVARI! But yeah I just wanted to share it because I love it.”

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