YouTube Sessions: Nochexxx

In age where musical ‘weirdness’ or difference is gradually becoming commodified, Dave Henson is in the rather enviable position of being naturally a bit odd. Starting out in the tragically short lived Cambridge Post-Rock quartet Gwei-Lo, Henson would go onto to expand into a suitably confusing plethora of aliases with his solo-project; from the cheeky slowed down edits of his Ascoltare, to the gracefully considered Electronica of Mouse Finding The Key via a host of other monikers. Its his Nochexxx guise which has been receiving the most airtime of late though, with third LP ‘Plot Defender‘ landing next Monday after last year’s ‘Thrusters’.

Although not exactly alone these days in making crackly opaque electronic music, its clear with ‘Plot Defender’ that few artists have as much of a command of this style as Henson. The Twilight Zone atmospherics on the record are underpinned by a latent sense of groove – unhinged yet consistently played out with a striking level of purpose. Nods to Drexciya, Autechre and other voyagers to the outer edge of electronic music’s fringes are present, but they are simply ‘nods’, such is Henson’s increasingly distinct grasp over his own sound.

Enlisted for this week’s YouTube Sessions, Henson came back with a satisfyingly random selection of clips. From gritty True Crime to genuinely bonkers happenings on the motorway, there’s plenty here that will live long in the memory…

Epically Later’d: Ricky Oyola (Part 1/5)

What ever happened to skating in the wrong places? Ricky Oyola’s code gets Epically Later’d. No piss peddling or pushing mongo! Directional flow at Love Park always steers in one direction.

Joey Diaz Sells Coke To Whitney Houston (from Joe Rogan Experience #163)

Joey Diaz sells blow to Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and Ricky Martin.

JELLO BIAFRA interviews the UFO cult UNARIUS

The Unarian’s are awesome. Love their production levels, great initiation materials, amazing costumes etc
It’s hard not to get sucked in. Way more fun than Heaven’s Gate! Jello is our inside guy, he does well not to mockument this cult.

Unbelievable Madness In The Fast Lane

Two Swedish sisters throwing themselves into traffic on the M6. All in one episode of Motorway Cops lol.
Has to be a contender for the most fucked up thing to be shown on televsion.

Biggie & Pac, The Suge Knight Killings

Proto Theroux.

Ween-Freedom of ’76 Jane Pratt show 1993

Ween-Freedom of ’76 Jane Pratt show 1993

Jimmy Church w/ Mirage Men R. Denning M. Pilkington

Ufology needed it’s feathers ruffled.

Bill Burr – The Philadelphia Incident

It’s not 23 minutes over Brussels, but………….

C2CAM w/ ART BELL 05/15/02 Ingo Swann & Paul H. Smith 1 of 6

clasic C2C with Art and Ingo, basically two of my favourite people talking.


Newark lives living on the fringes.

Sam Harris and Joseph Goldstein Talk About Meditation

Sam Harris and Joseph Goldstein Talk About Meditation

‘Plot Defender’ is out now on Type Recordings. Buy it here

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