YouTube Sessions: Nightmares On Wax

Responsible for only the second ever release in Warp Records’ discography, George Evelyn aka. Nightmares On Wax,  has earned a reputation every bit as impressive as the label on which debuted back in 1989. Back then Leeds lad Evelyn was fully in the throes of the UK’s burgeoning B-Boy scene, whilst having one eye on the explosion on dance music that was beginning to grip the country. Accordingly his first record ‘Dextorous’ found himself somewhere between the drum machine workouts of early Hip-Hop and the nascent Rave stylings of LFO et al. The intervening 25 years since that first release have seen Evelyn experiment with countless recording techniques and collaborators whilst releasing a steady stream of  classic albums-but his music always retains that inimitable blend of B-Boy swagger and Summer of Love spirit no matter what.  A visitor to Ibiza in the late 80’s, Evelyn and his family now call it their home – with his residencies and radio shows there serving as a bastion of the original spirit of The White Isle at a time when others are trying to dilute it.

Commemorating a quarter of a century in the business in style, Evelyn is set to drop ‘N.O.W Is The Time’ – a best of compilation, next Monday 16th June. Taking a look at his sprawling discography, the special edition boxset also incorporates remixes from the likes of Ashley Beedle, Special Request, Mr Scruff and more. Set to play London’s Rough Trade East tonight (12th June), Evelyn is set to go out on tour all summer in support of the record. A bona-fide legend with a very busy few months ahead of him, this week seemed the perfect opportunity to hand him the controls to the YouTube Sessions. Some b-boy videos make an appearance (look out for a young Evelyn making a cameo), as do words of wisdom from one of his idol’s and a moment of audacious brilliance from a ponytailed Swedish maverick….

Jive Turkey feature on Behind The Beat

Great insight into the scene up north in the late 80’s , with some Warp originals on there , and me pissed up rapping badly 🙂

Frank Giorgini’s Udu Utar Played by Brian Melick

I love the sound of the amazing drum, gets me every time! A good reminder that there is so much to discover in music from many cultures.

Shirley Ellis – ‘The Name Game’

This puts a smile on my face, the name game, early days of rhyming.

Bashar life is meaningless

I’m totally captured by this stuff, as I feel life is about discovery: the discovery of self and how who you choose to interact with the world. Never stop learning!

Om Mani Padme Hum

My morning mantra, or to be truly honest, my mantra when I really allow myself to be and nothing else. I’m not a Buddhist, but some would say I have Buddhist ways.

How To Make Sonic Sound, Quincy Jones, Recording Engineer Skills

Amazing story, about an amazing album, produced by one of my mentors Quincy Jones. Just the intention that was set before making any music is inspirational. Enjoy!

MC Flex & The FBI Crew ‘Rockin’ It’ (Posse Records 1984)

Classic breakdance & body popping tune from back in ’84. When I first heard this it flipped me out. Rare tune.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic amazing 30 yard bicycle kick goal Sweden vs England 4-2

Even though this goal is against England, you can’t deny a great goal and a great performance by a single player in this game.

JOHN HARRIS : It’s an Illusion | 2009 (FULL VERSION)

Think you know the law and what it means to be a citizen? Or what it means to be free? I have the upmost respect for John Harris and his work . Wakey Wakey time!

How People Originally Cut Shapes To House In The UK (Features Foot Patrol) – Manchester 1986

This captures my upbringing in clubbing and dancing at the Funk and Soul all-dayers from back in the day, my foundations lie here.

‘N.O.W Is The Time’ is out 16th June on Warp. You can pre-order it here

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