YouTube Sessions: Mickey Pearce

Since Shortstuff became Mickey Pearce, he’s been patient with his releases, but when they’ve come, they’ve been worth the wait.

He re-introduced himself under the new alias with a hard-hitting 12″ on Swamp81, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Get’/’I Am’, and has since established himself as a key member of the label’s roster. Razor-sharp DJ sets all over Europe, and a Ten Thousand Yen release have kept his name at the forefront of UK dance music, and this next Swamp 12″ can only serve to push that reputation further afield.

‘Numb Nut’/’Socks Off’ is to be released next Monday, November 12. It’s dark synth lines, cutting drums and sparse sampling have become the hallmark of a Mickey Pearce record, and are exploited in these two tracks as well as ever. With an album also rumoured to be in the works, and his top notch remix of Boddika‘s ‘Soul What’ set for January, the future’s looking very bright.

Ahead of the new release, Mickey’s chosen ten YouTube favourites that include bars from Skepta and Big L, a classic Joey Beltram track, Cheryl Lynn, and a Serbian punk band called Miki Pirs!

“Not sure what this list says about me. It’s some stuff I’ve watched a lot and some stuff I just rate.”

1. Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real

“Opening selection. Until the other week, I just knew this as ‘that track from Carlitos Way’. I’m dim.”

2. Unique 3-Rhythm Takes Control

“I bought this record days before writing ‘Socks Off’ which someone later said reminded them of Unique 3.”

3. Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean

“The beats on this album are so jarring, and Jeru sits on them so nice.”

4. LOTM 2 – Skepta v. Devilman

“I watched this clash hundreds of times when it first appeared. Skepta’s first 16 sets the bar high.”

5. Ya Salat el Zein – Issam Raggi

“I have made good use of my local library’s music section over the years. This is for them.”

6. Limmy’s Show – Liar

“I could have picked ten of my favourite Limmy sketches, but this one says it all in a couple of minutes.”

7. Big L – Freestyle ’98

“No one can touch L’s punchlines.”

8. Joey Beltram – Ogo

“Joey did most of the stuff I try to do with my music years ago.”

9. Mikki Pirs – Sve Te Sjajne Godine

“This is a punk band from Belgrade who hit me up the other day, telling me to make better music or they would sue me for stealing their name. I can’t be sure of what they’re singing about, so if it turns out they’re all Nazis, I apologise.”

10. Talking Heads – Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)

“I have my Dad to thank for playing me stuff like Talking Heads in the car when I was a kid. Left up to me, we’d just have listened to my ‘100% Rap’ cassette.”

Numb Nut (Soft Brain) / Socks Off – Released Monday 12th November, on Swamp 81. Buy here.

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