YouTube Sessions: Mella Dee

This week’s YouTube Sessions sees us call upon a fixture of the site in the shape of Mella Dee. Doncaster born and bred, he now lives in London – although the unpretentious party vibe of his hometown’s nightlife has followed him down South. One half of Bassline duo Mista Men, Dee’s solo productions deviate from that particular niche (pun intended), and instead look the hardcore continuum wholistically. There have been traces of UK Funky, Garage, House and Techno in his work so far across releases for Coyote, Shabby Doll and other assorted imprints, whilst his latest looks set to lean on Jungle for inspiration. Out on Shy FX’s Digital Soundboy, his ‘Rhythm Nation’ beat tape (not a nod to Janet Jackson’s 1989 album of the same name), looks set to tackle Rave nostalgia with his customary level of attitude and invention – as evidenced by the siren and reese featuring lead cut, ‘Heaven’.

Offering us a peek into what gets his creative juices flowing, Mella Dee’s selection is made up of his inspirations – with a specific UK focus. That means we get a selection of fly on the wall documentaries covering DnB and Grime, a classic skate vid and a legendary Garage rave.

A London Something Dis – Early Jungle doc from 1993.

I could literally sit and watch videos about these times all day, such a massive influence on what I do musically.

Roni Size – The Works Doc

More Jungle stuff, following Roni Size & Reprezent documenting their shows and stuff.

British Techno/Warp Doc BBC

Nice little BBC doc covering the whole UK Techno vibe, and obviously being from South Yorkshire and having spent a lot of time in Sheffield, the Warp stuff speaks to me

Photek DNB

Part of a doc which covered Photek, Squarepusher & Source Direct. Love watching music documentaries in general, and anything in the studio just to get me thinking.

Dillinja In Studio

Taken from the Metalheadz ‘Talkin’ Headz’ doc, the whole thing is fully worth a watch and inspiring stuff, but I must’ve watched these few minutes of Dillinja so many times, he’s one of those next level producer/engineers.

Blueprint – First Broadcast

One the best UK skate videos ever, it was so on point in every way and the soundtrack smashed it, all UK music. Loads of Trip Hop flavours that all worked perfect together.

About To Blow – Dubstep

From the days when you’d play Dubstep and no one would have a fucking clue what it was you were showing them, crazy to see where that scene went now.

Roll Deeper documentary

Remember getting this with the album when it came out, used to watch it so much. There wasn’t really much Grime around me, and I didn’t have any friends around me who were on the sound either, so I referenced stuff like this a lot.

Wot Do U Call It

Another doc covering Grime and giving a basic run down of the scene.

Alexandra Palace 2002

Heavyweight set involving Pay As U Go, So Solid & Heartless Crew. It looks like such a vibe to have been there.

‘Rhythm Nation’ is out 19th January on Digital Soundboy. Listen to ‘Heaven’ here.

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