YouTube Sessions: Manni Dee

Stepping up to the plate for this week’s YouTube sessions is Brighton based producer Manni Dee. Coming up via his experimentation with all manner of ‘Bass’ music flavoured sounds, Manni is now dealing primarily in Techno of the hardest variety. Recent releases on Black Sun Records, previously home to Blawan and Sunil Sharpe, have seen Manni begin an ascent to recognition in the techno community that has just been confirmed following his recent booking to play at underground mecca Berghain next year. Delivering a selection of YouTube clips that isn’t so much food for thought as an early Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, Manni shows he’s got plenty of brains to add to his considerable production chops. Check out words of wisdom from Muhammad Ali, 2Pac and Louis C.K, as well as some superb dancing from Morrissey and Johnny Marr amongst other gems.

Morrissey & Johnny Marr Dancing Together

Bliss! Magical Morrissey / Marr moment. Wonderful smirk from Andy too.

South Bank Show (Bjork)

Incredible insight in to one of music’s most imaginative minds. “Hyperintellectual musicologist” one of the comments describes Bjork as. I agree.

Slavoj Žižek on “They Live” (The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology)

Zizek explaining his theory on the pain of freedom from imposed ideology.

Muhammad Ali Parkinson Interview 1974

Parkinson tries his very best to stump Muhammad Ali in this interview. The wit, charm and eloquence of Ali is second to none. Incredibly entertaining, whether you concur with his doctrine or not.

Darkness Light Darkness (1990) by Jan Svankmajer

The genius of Jan Svankmajer is evident in this surreal piece

Christopher Hitchens: Brutal Four Minutes For Religion

An argument with Hitchens is an argument lost

Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones

Words of wisdom from the prophet Louis C.K. I love the existential slant of his humour. Beautifully and brutally honest.

2 Pac Studio Footage

A revolutionary, wise beyond his years. Much more than just a rapper. That’s why I’ll always prefer him to Biggie.

Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better

Julian Treasure coveys the importance of sound as punctuation of time and a signifier of space. He also offers solutions to the repercussions of aural overkill.

Terence McKenna ~ Imagination And The Collectivity Of Life

I’m not promoting drugs. You decide how you access “the wonder inherent in the world”.

Alan Watts – Non Dual Anxiety

I’d like to leave this on an optimistic note with a bit of Alan. I tell as many people about him as I can.

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