YouTube Sessions: Machine Woman

Sound artist and image maker Anastasia Vtorova first debuted as Machine Woman with 2014’s Pink Silk, a 5-track EP on Gnod’s Tesla Tapes that saw her experiment with lo-fi mechanisms and crooked hardware, sparking human activity out of cold robotic fields.

Inspired by down beat minimal electronica and melancholic world wide cinema, the Russian producer has since released on Peder Mannerfelt’s eponymous imprint and radio show turned label Where To Now?, further cementing herself as a unique figure in the world of minimalist techno, whose ability to draw soulful expression from rigid machinery places her next to artists such as Kassem Mosse and STL.

Ahead of her live performance at this year’s Farr Festival, Machine Woman takes us through some of the intense film soundtracks that haunt her dreams. From dancing with The Silence of the Lamb’s Buffalo Bill in Berghain to running away from Zombies in London, peep below to gain an insight into what keeps her up at night.

1/ 28 Days Later – John Murphy ‘In The House, A Heartbeat’

Every time I have a dream about running away from Zombies in London, this is it. This track comes on, and unfortunately in my dreams I can never run fast enough. I guess maybe its a very painful metaphor that you can not run away from yourself; no matter where you go, you always end up in the same place.

2/ The Silence Of The Lambs – Q Lazzarus ‘Goodbye Horses’

I once had a dream that me and Buffalo Bill were dancing in Berghain (he got me in)… I wont tell you what happened next.

3/ Our Day Will Come – Original music by Sébastien Akchoté

The piano and the sirens in this trailer along with the drone ambience closely resonate what I often hear in my dreams. My dreams do not always come in the shape of a story, but in abstract visions and noise. I have not yet dreamt of Vincent Cassel, but I think it would be an interesting dream if I did.

4/ It Follows – Original music by Disasterpeace

I had to include the whole soundtrack from this film. So intense and then it goes silent, only to come at you in the worse possible time. I started to watch this film one night after reading that Quentin Tarantino criticised it. I was not paying any attention, only to keep waking up at night and feeling an intense presence of paranoia. The soundtrack is beautiful work. Anyone who likes darker electronic ambient noise experiments should get this.

5/ Twin Peaks – Angelo Badalamenti ‘The Bookhouse Boys’

Angelo Badalamenti is pure genius. Twin Peaks is now making a comeback, but I remember watching it when I was a teenage girl in Russia. Elegant and terrifying. Twin Peaks is a lot like a dream – one moment it’s sensual, the next it turns on you and becomes your nightmare.

Machine Woman plays Farr Festival, 13–15 July at Bygrave Woods, Hertfordshire. Get tickets here.

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