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Sine 2009, Matt Cutler, aka Lone, has released on some of the most prestigious labels in electronic music, and remixed artists as revered as Radiohead, Nathan Fake and Bibio. Not bad somebody who started off as a bedroom producer in Nottingham making Hip Hop and Hardcore. What’s intriguing is the fact that those influences are still prevalent in Lone’s work today. Anyone who has followed the career of Cutler will have heard him grow artistically and perfect a unique sound without compromising. Lone’s fifth album ‘Reality Testing’ will be released on R&S on the 16th of June. The new album elaborates on the amalgamation of genres Lone has mastered over the years, with influences ranging from Chicago House, Detroit Techno and Hip Hop. Cutler himself alluded to as much, saying that he ‘wanted to make an album that had both Hip-Hop and House beats, but that weren’t completely different from each other, that shared the same sort of vibe.’

An avid skateboarder since his youth, Cutler’s used his take over of the YouTube Session to  guide us on a journey through his ten favourite skate videos. Most notably for Lone fans the selection refers to the now ubiquitous relationship between skateboarding and Hip Hop, and how it influenced the young producer throughout his days in Nottingham. From gritty handmade videos to Hollywood productions, the technical brilliance displayed by the skaters below is not to be missed.

Fulfill The Dream (Shortys)

A video me and my mates would watch every day after school to get us hyped for skating summer nights. The soundtrack in particular had the biggest impact on me and opened me up to a bunch of hip hop that i’m still as in to now as i was then – Steve Olson’s section at the start uses Gangstarr ‘Above The Clouds’ – pretty much my intro to Gangstarr.

Photosynthesis (Alien Workshop)

As well as an amazing lineup, amazing skating and perfect soundtrack – photosynthesis alway stood out as being incredibly put together. The editing and interludes were incredible. Josh Kalis’ section to Freddie Foxxx is a standout…

The Storm (Osiris)

Tour video for osiris from 1999 i believe? unbelievably sick tech skating for the time… ridiculous soundtrack. See Tyrone Olson’s section (above)

Manual Labour

Amazing tech stuff again… really dope. Made me buy method man and redmans ‘blackout’ album..

Anthology (Transworld)

Tom Penny, nollie backside flip. The gap is closedddd

Baker Has A Deathwish (Baker)

Antwuan Dixon’s section – probably the best style of any skateboarder i’ve ever seen. Total one off, perfect.

Wheels of Fortune (411)

Remember seeing this at a friends house back in the day. Stevie Williams section’ is too dope – god bless You Tube

Modus Operandi (Transworld)

This just seemed super big budget to us back then – i believe some of the first night time / generator footage used in a skate video on this one?

The End (Birdhouse)

First skate video i ever owned. Proper hollywood level budget… always felt like it was way too polished for me but worth it alone for andrew reynolds section to dj shadows ‘organ donor’ – life changing haha.

Baker 2g (Baker)

Rawest skate video from that time, no doubt. Possibly responsible for getting me in to drinking alcohol. Dustin Dollin is still the absolute man if you ask me.

‘Reality Testing’ will be released on R&S Records on June 16th. Pre-order your copy here

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