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YouTube Sessions: Keita Sano

Since appearing out of seemingly nowhere in 2014 with his intriguing proposition ‘People Are Changing’ for Mister Saturday Night, Japanese producer Keita Sano has been on a mission to weird us out with his deconstructed take on techno and house. Sano’s music is fascinating, not only through its rabid experimentalism, but also through the broken movement of his compositions.

Since his break in 2014 Sano has been incredibly prolific, bringing his madcap enthusiasm to labels such as Row Records, 1080p, and his latest release, Error, on New York’s Sheik ‘N’ Beik imprint is no exception, bringing refreshingly dark atmospheres to the fore.

On this week’s YouTube Sessions Sano graces us with ten absolute heaters; illustrating the variance of his approach with decaying techno from Rezzett, breezy jazz from Norman Connors and an ’80s floor filler in the form of Shannon’s ‘Let The Music Play’.

1.Rezzett – Fire Bomb

I love the textures of the sounds on this one.

2.Psychic TV – Ov Power [Radio Promo. Mix]

When I was a high school student, I always listened to this track. The album’s jacket is sick.

3.Norbert Eisbrenner, Conrad Schnitzler, Sven-Ake Johansson “Mariental-Horst”

Sometimes I listen to this session when I go to sleep .

4.S.P.K. – The Sandstorm Method, La Edad de Oro, Madrid 1983


5.The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers (Live at the Trabendo)

Vernal tune.

6.Shannon ‘Let The Music Play’

Let The Music Play All Night Long!

7.Marcello Napoletano – Linguetta Acida (A Hieroglyphic Being Re-Duction)

Such a cool track. Whenever I hear this it just makes me want to jam with my 303.

8.Norman Connors – Mother Of The Future

Manic state.

9.Bo Saris – She’s On Fire

Such a good tune!

10.The Method – Da Ladeez

I love this track so much.

Error is out now On Sheik ‘N’ Beik records. Buy it here.

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