YouTube Sessions: Hiawatha (aka Egyptrixx)

It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly David Psutka will do next. He’s released two albums as Egyptrixx, which cover a wide range of synth-driven, electro/bass mutations; and recently, released his debut LP under more left-of-centre alias (alongside former Thrush Hermit member Ian McGettigan), Hiawatha. Their debut release ‘Language’ is an ethereal journey into electronica, full of digital distortion and deeply swung rhythms.

The diversity and intrigue of this YouTube playlist reflects his unorthodox and constantly surprising musical upbringing and tastes. He nods to Jah Shaka Sound System, Morphosis and Abida Parveen in one of our most abstract YouTube Sessions to date.

1. Sunn 0))) & Boris Present Altar Live @ ATP NY 2010

“A few of my favorite bands together, I loved the record which interestingly, was written and recorded in about a week.”

2. Morphosis – Dirty Matter (NWAQ’s Via Mezzacapo Dub)

“I was slightly obsessed with this song while recording the Hiawatha record, incredible groove. I’m sure parts of it ended up on the record.”

3. Bestial Mouths – Small Prey

“Bestial Mouths out of LA, are one of my favorite new bands. I was in California during the summer to produce their new record which I think turned out great.”

4. King Dude – River of Gold

“Loving the new king dude record.”


“Rock and Roll needs antiheroes – Seth Putnam might be the ultimate one – insane live footage.”

6. Strange sounds all over the world Jerusalem, Houston, New York, Belgium, ect..

This is what YouTube does best: provide a conduit for weird, perplexing and possibly doctored stuff. This strangely hypnotic video comes courtesy of my friend Filipa (who could probably compile an incredible ‘YouTube top-10 list’)

7. Jah Shaka Soundsystem – Babylon (1981)

“Jah shaka on the synare 3 + h&h echo. I had a serious injury when I was 19 and listened exclusively to dub reggae for a year while rehabilitating.”

8. Jah Shaka In Session

“I could probably do an entire list of Jah Shaka clips – ultimate selectah. Haha”

9. Cannibal Corpse – Hammer Smashed Face (En Vivo)

“Total guilty pleasure, I loved these guys when I was 13 and had this VHS – I love the effect of old VHS tapes uploaded to YouTube. Very hazy”

10. Abida Parveen Sings Bulleh Shah

“Abida Parveen is an amazing performer, I’ve spent hours watching her videos.”

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