YouTube Sessions: Gregor Schwellenbach

Enlisted by Kompakt to turn some of their biggest anthems into classically stylised compositions, Gregor Schwellenbach is a man with an astute ear and huge imagination to boot. “Gregor Schwellenbach Spielt 20 Jahre Kompakt”, sees him and his coterie of accomplished musicians finding new meaning in Kompakt’s beloved club standards.

Looking to pick his brain, we invited Gregor to take us through some of his favourite YouTube clips. Encompassing everything from an interview with the late Yves Saint Laurent to a mesmerizing rehearsal session from Frank Zappa, his selection delivers some pretty incredible gems and a few bizzare oddities.

Check it out.

Jean Michel Jarre-Oxygene IV Live 

“It was as early as 1978 that I wanted to become a musician like him. Compare this tune to some Schaffel-tracks from around 2000 and you will notice that also Maier, Voigt and Superpitcher might have shared this dream with me”


“…later I found out that homegrown German electronica might even be more stylish. (Not your average Kraftwerk documentary.)”

‘psst pp Piano-Hommage á Mary Bauermeister’

“Funny Germany. Did you know that the beginning of Fluxus was a lovestory taking place in Cologne, involving Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage and Nam June Paik?”

Cage does Cage

“Talking about John Cage: this is seriously one of the best interpretations of his composition 4’33″”

Frank Zappa & Ensemble Modern- The Yellow Shark Rehearsals

“Watch the Ensemble Modern rehearsing with Frank Zappa. All through the 90s I listened to this music again and again and I think it had the biggest impact on me”

Antoine et Colette (1962)

“It’s not easy being introvert. Poor Antoine Doinel teaches us the art and craft of falling in love during a classical concert (min 6:30) and savours a great moment during a lecture of sampling pioneer Pierre Schaeffer (min 9:30)”

Klaus Nomi on TV Party

“Everybody likes a baroque aria as long as it is being performed in a pastry shop. Look how happy he is at 4:50”

Arthur Russell-Soon To Be Innocent Fun (1985) 

“If you don’t know Arthur Russel, imagine a James Blake type of genius disco-homeproducer with a heart-rending voice, put him into early 80s-New York, think him as a classically trained cellist and let him die on aids at the age of 40. Now listen to this. The moment you want to start crying his phone will ring (min 3:59)”

Basquiat Painting Live Downtown 81

“Later that night in the same neighbourhood. Note the electronic flexatone and the sighing toms in the soundtrack”

Yves Saint Laurent

‘”If I could start over, I’d be a beatnik.” Listen to every word he says”

Muzika Lokolé-Africa Danse

“Now after so many cute, shy and pale boys it’s time for some women in motion. I always watch this to light up a blue day”

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