YouTube Sessions: Giant Swan

Bristol duo Harry Wright and Robin Stewart together make up the much hyped experimental unit Giant Swan. With releases on Portals Editions, Howling Owl Records, and FuckPunk, they’ve built a cult following from the psychedelic intensity within their music and live shows.

Created from just guitars, vocals and pedals, their performances twist components to their most extremes, exploring the outer edges of rhythmic noise and industrial techno, and in turn delivering an explosive energy never quite the same as before.

Now attacking the dancefloor once more with a debut on Batu’s Timedance imprint, two track EP ‘Celebrate The Last 30 Years Of Human Ego / IFTLOYL‘ sees Giant Swan continue to push pieces way past the red line, with two frantic techno workouts built to cause chaos in the dance.

In celebration of the release, we asked the pair to compile a playlist of web videos that tickle their brains.

From the live anarchy of bands like The Blood Brothers and Public Image Ltd to Richard Madeley going full Partridge and Justin Pearson trolling Jerry Springer, check below.

1. The Blood Brothers – ‘Set Fire To The Face On Fire’ (live on Henry Rollins’ show)

Harry: One of my favourite performances! Our name is taken from the last tune on their last album..They’re loud, camp, dancey and heavy… ticks all the boxes!

Robin: Aye everything about this band is something that Haz and I feel we can relate to – something so searingly heavy it makes you grit your teeth, whilst having quality dynamics and amazing camp abandon. RIP

2. Deerhoof – Fresh Born (live)

H: Bloody bloody good.

R: one of my fave bands. so weird and wonderful.

3. Janet Jackson – Pleasure Principle (Shep Pettibone Vocal Mix)

H: Picked this one up at Lucky Records in Reykjavik and since then has got me obsessed with Shep Pettibone. He did loads of amazing remixes in the 80s and worked with people like Madonna and George Michael.. hugely prolific and I find the way he mixes and arranges vocals pretty inspiring!

4. Richard Madeley going full on Partridge

H: “Are you rich?”

R: He’s such a twat isn’t he…unnervingly like our Alan.

5. P.I.L – Careering live on Old Grey Whistle Test

H: A good friend of ours showed us this in a dank, hotboxed room many many years ago! Again, pretty inspiring stuff and the confident On/Off approach to the noise is something that’s helped shape some of our work in The Naturals.

R: The declaration by the presenter at the end of the vid is priceless. PiL are a huge influence on GS and The Naturals and Keith Levene is a wizard in this clip.

6. Louis Cole – Mean It (ft. Sam Gendel)

R: Our agent showed me this song amongst many others by Louis Cole. utterly ridiculous and brilliant. a peculiar gent.

7. Justin Pearson (The Locust) on Jerry Springer

H: Justin Pearson pranking Jerry Springer haha.. love how he’s even wearing a Locust T-shirt…Was lucky enough to see The Locust a few years ago and is still one of the most brilliantly intense performances I’ve seen!

R: ‘Rock n roll maaaaan’

8. Klein – Marks Of Worship

H: An amazing song / video..no-one like her at the moment!

R: Our friend and colleague – seeing her take her vision out into the world is really wonderful. She’s in a field of her own really and this video in particular is outstanding.

9. Dillinger Escape Plan live @ Virgin Megastore, 2005

R: This speaks for itself. Greg from DEP was at our show at Berghain earlier this year. he was well friendly. I believe he’s the most muscular man I’ve ever met.



Celebrate The Last 30 Years Of Human Ego / IFTLOYL is out now on Timedance. Order it here

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