YouTube Sessions: Fracture

A shot in the arm for the tedious ‘Drum and Bass is dead’ brigade, the music that Charlie Fieber has made as Fracture since the turn of the millenium has been amongst the most thrilling material released at higher tempos. Whether through the wildly creative tracks made with frequent partner in crime Neptune, or as a solo artist, Fieber has consistently dared to be creative. His and Neptune’s Astrophonica imprint has been responsible for its fair share of envelope pushing too – with material from the label heads released alongside searing halfsteppers from the likes of Machinedrum, Om Unit and Moresounds.

In particularly fine form of late, Fieber’s follow up to his Hyponik Track of 2014 winning ‘Loving Touch’ comes in the shape of split EP with Mancunian joker Chimpo for Metalheadz. Frentic, hard and ever so slightly unusual, you wouldn’t bet against ‘From Early/Hard Food‘ making a push for awards contention at the end of this year as well. Not content with phoning it in when it comes to promoting his music (see his and Chimpo’s recent bonkers mix for FACT as evidence), we knew Fieber would come with something interesting when we hit him up for YouTube Sessions. Duly delivering, what follows is a list of the most gruesome, ridiculous and downright hilarious Horror trailers we’ve ever seen. Note some of these are very NSFW.


Any Horror film from the 80’s that starts with some kids going camping is going to be heat. Highlights of this trailer are the narrator’s voice – particularly the way he say’s ‘Scalps!’ – and the exploding head scene.

Curse 2: The Bite

I first saw this film as a kid and then it became a bit of a Holy Grail for me and some as an adult. I finally got it on a torrent and realised I might as well have just watched the trailer as all the good bits are condensed into a minute and a half. Its a film about a guy who gets bitten by a contaminated snake and his arm turns into one. Sounds great but its crap.


Another crap film here about something wack, I can’t really remember but I did watch it. Highlights are the kid’s voice and of course the scene with the guy in an all in one body suit playing crab football. Hold tight my brother Harry and homie Frankie on this one.


Excellent film, Dario Argento is legit. It’s about some kids that go to watch a film and demons come out of the screen, or something. Lots of killer scenes. This trailer has some sick music too actually.

Zombie Flesh Eaters

If you’re into Zombie films you’ll know this one. If not, its a great place to start. The opening scene on the boat is classic, but don’t sleep on the eye / splinter of wood scene. Amazing synth sound track too. Extended trailer which basically has all the good bits.

Video Dead

Very low budget and it shows. Its about a family who move in to a new area and get a mysterious box delivered which turns out to be a TV that zombies come out of. The jury is out on this one. Harry and I love it, Frankie thinks its wack.

Cannibal Holocaust

We went through a massive Cannibal film phase and this was up there with the best. They all follow the same format; Nothing happens for 2 hours, just some walking around in the jungle or climbing waterfalls, then it all goes nuts at the end. Wicked soundtrack again.


Yes! That headshot! What a way to open a trailer. And then the sick echo on the girl’s scream. As if you don’t want to see this? Super eerie sound track too, ripe for sampling. I think this got re-made recently, not sure what it’s like.

Street Trash

Its a Melt Movie. Super low budget and is about a load of tramps that start drinking some cheap booze that melts them. This trailer has cuts from the best scene; When a tramp melts in to a toilet.

Basket Case

“What is the secret Duane is hiding in the basket?”. You don’t find out in this trailer as they don’t give anything away which is cool. I can tell you from watching the film, that it looks like a massive lump of plasticine but in fact its his deformed brother that he has to constantly feed. I love the narrator’s voice in this too, especially at the end.

‘From Early/Hard Food’ is out now on Metalheadz – buy it here. Astrophonica have music forthcoming from Moresounds and Fracture, keep up to date with all of that here

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