YouTube Sessions: Faze Miyake

It might have come out in 2011, but we still catch ourselves humming Faze Miyake’s ‘Take Off’ at least once a week. A Trap flavored juggernaut of an instrumental that was jumped on by pretty much every MC in the country, its still guaranteed to blow the doors off any dance. Miyake has many more strings to his bow however, something he’s demonstrated in abundance ever since. Despite being a member of the Merky Ace featuring Family Tree collective, the producer’s material has veered somewhat away from Grime and into a heady blend of club styles. A resident on Rinse, his show has become an essential pit stop for those craving hard hitting dancefloor cuts right from the cutting edge. With some unreleased madness, timeless classics and a hefty helping of Chicago’s most notorious young MC, his YouTube Sessions selection is a good insight into the mind of Miyake.

Bill Withers – ‘Lovely Day’

The tune says it all really – ‘When I wake up in the morning…’ haha! Big tune for the morning and a certified classic. I’ll definitely be dropping it at my birthday bash and cuttin’ a shape.

MoStack – ‘No Buddy’

I’ve been listening to this so much recently. I was a bit late on catching on but it’s got a sick vibe and is different to all the other trap style beats, definitely a big one for my summer.

Chief Keef – ‘Earned It’

This is a personal favourite/ I listen to this while I cook /get ready / chill /look out the window and think about life. Glad Keef did a video for this too!

Chief Keef – ‘Make It Count’

Most my YouTube sessions are spent listening to Keef. The beats are always a cut above most and I don’t even consider it rap music – it’s some kind of dark-punk-hood electronic stuff with some words over it. Or basically, what I think Grime should be.

Chief Keef – ‘Ten Toes Down’

This is the last Keef tune I’m gonna put in here because I could list about 20. This one’s new and even has a big speech from Keef at the start (ha). I don’t listen to much other rap stuff at the moment but it’s easy listening and properly bangs.

Zomby – ‘Still Kold’

I listen to this only on YouTube because it’s only on YouTube! I even asked Zomby for it but it’s a myth – it almost sounds perfect for my ears to be honest.

Kenny Dope, Terry Walker, Mass Destruction – ‘No Hook’

Another tune for getting ready (lol). I have to set the mood when I’m going out sometimes and this is a classic. I heard it in a mix recently and it brought it back into my life.

Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter – Papaya Lipgloss

Big shouts to Bok & Sweyn – I love this one at the moment, the video is amazing too, really sick work on both production and visuals. I play this one out a lot too.

Snow – Informer

This tune just makes me happy to be honest and big up Snow, absolute badman! I better not inform anyone about him but would love to get a vocal off him (lol).

Gucci Mane – Stevie Wonder

Gucci is actually my favourite rapper aside from Keef and for that reason, I can’t forget about him – ‘I’m a living legend just like Stevie Wonder’.


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