YouTube Sessions: Ejeca

Its pretty hard to believe, but Garry McCartney has only been known to us for a little under three years. Ever since breaking through in 2012 with his debut EP for Tusk Wax, he’s gone on to become a fixture of British House and Techno with a consistent run of quality music. Highlights have come in the shape of his and fellow Northern Irishmen Bicep’s instant sunrise classic, ‘You’ and his own fist-pumper, ‘Night Rays’, but what truly stands out about McCartney as a producer is the variety of styles and tones he’s able to pull off. Recently making his way on to institutions such as Bpitch Control and Poker Flat, there’s every reason to assume that he’s in this for the long haul.

Set to top the bill for the first ever LWE’s first ever Mixed event (read more about the series here)  at Village Underground next Friday 30th January alongside sometime collaborator Citizen and Sisterhood, we roped in McCartney for YouTube Sessions duty. Scroll down for a hearty portion of Northern Irish rave history, Gin-based video art and very questionble aerobics…

Kellys N-Ireland 1995 pt.1

This video is probably my all-time favourite, it’s an old 90s rave video of Lush nightclub in Portrush, Northern Ireland during the Happy Hardcore era. The music may not be the best and the clothes (if anyone’s wearing them) are a bit naff, but the energy is unbelievable. Also notice everyone is smiling and having fun. People like Carl Cox used to DJ Happy Hardcore there, it’s a bit of an institution and also had a chippy beside the dance floor, not that many people were hungry…..

Gilbert and George – Gordon’s Makes Us Drunk

I went to the Tate in Liverpool one time and saw this. I don’t know why I like it. Just two lads sitting drinking a bottle of Gin in complete silence, and the narrator says the word ‘drunk’ more and more as it progresses.

Frostbit extended

A recent one that shows the power of the internet. A young fella from Derry with a local accent talking about the snow. He’s turned into an internet sensation, been viewed millions of times and been interviewed everywhere. He’s also going to appear on the Ellen show in America. Some of the remixes are ridiculous too;

Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing (Alchemy Live)

Prog Rock. I’m still a sucker for a good guitar solo (especially with a headband). My friends are sick of my sticking this on at 2am. I love the big breakdown, it’s like Trance.

Bloc Party – Helicopter Live @ Glastonbury 2009

My favourite recent band, Bloc Party. This is when they were at their peak and headlined the Other Stage at Glasto, I’ve been lucky enough to chat with Kele and remix one of their tracks.

1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opening

Just watch it; they should just have this link beside the word ‘camp’ in the Oxford dictionary.

Terminator 2 Original Soundtrack – Main Title

One of my favourite films of all time, and it’s a flip of a coin if this or Jurassic Park is my favourite theme tune. I really like the synths they used in soundtracks in the days, like the early episodes of The X Files and obviously Blade Runner. Producers like ASC, Consequence and dBridge make great stripped down DnB with these elements.

The Office Season 6 – “Gossip” Clip: Parkour

I usually have The Office (UK & US) on Netflix in the house, just a funny clip of the last episode I seen. Love the way Dwight says ‘EXTREME’.

Underworld – Everything Everything LIVE

One of my favourite dance live acts, they really nailed it in the 90s. I remember watching Trainspotting for the first time and hearing ‘Born Slippy’ and ‘Dark and Long’, bring back Emerson!.

The Smiths – Live at Derby Assembly Rooms 1983

My favourite old band, The Smiths. Stage invasion and loads of guys hanging of Morrissey like he’s Jesus.

Ejeca plays at Village Underground for Mixed, next Friday 30th January. Buy tickets here

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