YouTube Sessions: Dub Phizix

Manchester producer Dub Phizix (aka George Ovens) has done so much to push the boundaries of DnB. He’s released an incredible string of music on labels such as Exit, Soul:R, Samurai Music and his own SenkaSonic, and also remixed artists including Charli XCX, Netsky, Kelis and Basement Jaxx. He did a Hyp Mix for us a while back which you can listen to here.

Now, Dub Phizix has mixed the latest release in the FABRICLIVE series. Having played regularly at fabric since 2011, he even refers to the club as his “second home.” His first home would of course be Manchester, and the mix is in many ways a tribute to the Rainy City. Listeners can expect “an exclusive-packed 40 track mix of DnB, halftime, hip hop and myriad bass-packed breakbeats.” Yes please. Dub Phizix has taken the time to put together a blend of ace music and funny clips for us, so get stuck in below.

Ronald Jenkees – Red Lemonade Remixed

This guy is a boss. I wanted to get him for the launch night of my Fabric CD but Shaun is a snide and he wouldn’t pay to rent a keyboard.

Compilation – Flaming Shot Fails

Darwinism in full effect here. These tossers deserve everything they get. Just put the lighter down and drink it you stupid nob.

Point Prover 2

This is my mate Jonny he makes helpful and informative videos. This is one about my favourite subject. Crisps.

“Red” – I Should Tell Your Momma

I’m not usually a fan of beatboxers but I love this. Mainly because it goes beyond what most beatboxers do. The guy is clearly a really good songwriter. Every time I watch this I end up singing the tune all day. It’s also a great story, as far as I know he’s now off the streets because of his music.

Liam Gallagher’s best and funniest moments

Whether you love or hate this guy, you must find this at least a bit funny. The bit at the end where he’s saying “Tell you what kids I’d rather walk” was after getting banned from Cathay Pacific. The full version of that is gold but I don’t think it’s on youtube anymore.


I tried doing this. It’s solid. These lot are heroes.

Police Helicopter Chase Steve DUI Lawn Mower Guy

I’m not sure if this is actually real but it made me laugh so I don’t care.

Big L & Jay Z Freestyle

I think most people know this already but it never gets boring for me.

George Harrison // Something (Demo, 1969)

For George Harrison it must have been pressure to bring a song to the table when he was in a band with Lennon and McCartney but I reckon he would have been fairly confident when he wrote this. When Frank Sinatra covered it he said it was the best love song of the last 50 years, although he attributed it to Lennon and McCartney. I always loved the original but my mate If Khanage recently showed me this version.

Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator Speech

This is from 1940 and is every bit as true today. Shame the world has learnt fuck all since.

‘FABRICLIVE 84: Dub Phizix’ is out 20 Nov. Get tickets for the launch party at fabric, also 20 Nov.

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