YouTube Sessions: DJ Seinfeld

Swedish-born producer Armand Jakobsson has recorded music under several aliases in recent times. Whilst releases as Rimbaudian, named after the modernist poet, have seen Jakobsson land on both Meda Fury and Ten Thousand Yen, it’s his productions under moniker DJ Seinfeld that has spread his name amongst house music fans worldwide.

Debuting on British label Lobster Fury with the now sought after Season 1 EP, the Barcelona-based musician has been tagged as a spearhead of the “lo-fi house” wave that fled into the underground dance floors of 2016. Whilst some have criticised the movement’s fun nature, it acts as a refreshing stance to take in a sometimes-stern scene and an attitude that’s no doubt helped the young producer balance his demanding tour schedule and heavy workload.

His winning formula of fusing emotive vocal cuts with dreamy pads and crisp percussion has kept him in high demand and having already found home on several grade-A labels, a debut album and a string of releases are also on the horizon.

Ahead of his performance at Glitch Festival, we invited DJ Seinfield to our YouTube Sessions, where he shares with us his some of his favourite tracks to play outside “as the sun settles and you know there’s a big party on the way”. Check below.

Cottam — Cottam EP 4 – Side A

The master of edits really came through on this one from a few years back, that hypnotic bleepy acid line is perfect.

DJ Central – Basil (Version Integrale Club)

Honestly those Regelbau/Help Recordings guys from Århus are probably the biggest goldmine of fresh and forward thinking house at the moment. When the stabs come in around three minutes I just lose it.

Luca Lozano & Dj Fett Burger – Dyblå

Really funny and straightforward, bass-driven funk.

Super life – Go Bananas (Legowelt Remix)

I realised no matter what list I’m assembling together there’s always some Legowelt in it. Just another weird little sonic world he created here, which also works well slowed down, you get those eerie melodies hitting you.

Innershades – Love park

I’m the biggest sucker for those Italo-inspired melodies, one of my favourite tracks by Innershades.

Clio – Faces

As long as I’m on the Italo vein this one ought to put a smile on most peoples.

Sideral – Housology

Such nice work on the drums on this one, swirling melodies which makes me question who I am after the seven minute mark.

Vince Watson – Solitude

I remember walking home from so many summer raves in the last few years with this in my ears. incredibly beautiful.

D-Ribeiro – Donut Breakin’

Really unique producer, the hooks here are terrific.

Alton Miller – Paradise (Larry Heard Special Dj Edit)

A lot of vocals in there, but they’re not overwhelming or overpowering the other elements. Really special track.

DJ Seinfeld play Glitch Festival in Malta, 7-9 September. Further info and tickets are available here

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