YouTube Sessions: DJ Champion

Stepping up to the plate for this first of this week’s two Youtube sessions is UK Funky don DJ Champion. Mixing Garage and Grime since the early noughties, the East Londoner really came into his own with the release of ‘Motherboard’ in 2009, a track that still warrants a pull up or three to this day. Since then his mix of tribal percussion, rough edged Bass and sugary sweet melodies have seen him mark him out as arguably the most consistent name in the genre, with his tunes enjoying crossover success thanks to support from the likes of Kode9, Ben UFO, Four Tet and Skream to name but a few.

This year has seen him deliver a much hyped remix of Four Tet’s ‘Kool FM’ whilst focusing on his label Formula Records, releasing music from rising talents Hannah Wants and Jamie Hustle. Before him and sometime collaborator Terror Danjah turn up to destroy the dance as part of Formula Records take over for Special Request at Dalston’s Birthdays this Saturday, we got Champion to lead us through a selection of his favourite Youtube clips. With some essential footage of master selectors such as Rodigan, EZ and Brockie sitting alongside some choice cuts from the man himself and a curveball in the shape of Jefferson Airplane, Champion’s selection is the perfect warm up to what is certain to be a hyped evening on Saturday.

UK Cup Clash 2008 (RODIGAN VS ODDYSSEY) Final Round

One of my all time favourite videos to watch when I need a bit of inspiration. I swear, I’ve modelled my whole DJ’ing career off the back of how these guys play music. They bring so much energy & vibes to some of the deadest crowds all year round & thats such an important skill to have.

Best Of Eskimo Dance: Top 30 Reloads

Another one I’ve never stopped watching when I’m on YouTube. Gets me so hyped whenever I watch it and makes me wish that I wasn’t like 11/12 years old when these events used to happen lol. Absolute classic.

DJ EZ Live at Ram @ Matter

Don’t really need to say much when it comes to DJ EZ do I? I’m not even ashamed to say that I’ve incorporated some of his mixes into my sets from these series of videos lol.

Brockie & MC Det 93-94 KOOL FM

Such a sick set from these two. Its mad to hear a lot of tunes in their primitive state in this set that went on to become iconic tunes years after. Even more crazy that theres some ridiculously good tunes getting played in this that never even came out & one of the only places you can even get to hear them.

Champion – Crystal Meth

This isn’t an entirely a biased choice lol. I chose this because its basically a min & a half mashup of one of the best nights I’ve played at during my career so far & I always look back to it when i need to get into a certain mind frame – almost like a memory cue for me for when i need some energy!

Addictive – Bad Girl ( Champion VIP Remix )

This has sentimental value because its the first ever time one of my tracks had visuals put to it! I actually make an appearance in it for a little bit as well lol. Went all the way to Ayia Napa in summer 2010 to shoot this on the beach, sounds glamorous but trying to record in 40 degree weather is crazy! Enjoyed the whole experience though

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

This one made the cut because this is one of my guilty pleasures! Couldn’t actually pinpoint what I like about this song or where I even heard it in the first place but I’ve been feeling it for ages!

Champion – Funky House Mix

The first video to ever put my name out there as a DJ. Quite ashamed of the mixing in this video but I will say that I hadn’t bought my own Pioneer CDJ’s yet so I had to do it on Virtual DJ without headphones lol.

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

Family Guy brought me here! I cant watch this video and not laugh so it had to make the cut!

Lethal B – Pow ( Forward ) ( Original Video )

Made sure I put the original one up from Channel U instead of the one that got filmed after the track was signed. Has to be one of my favourite music videos of all time! Still get the shivers when I watch it lol. So glad I was around while this track was at its peak because I feel so privileged to have the white label promo of it. Still remember Nottinghill Carnival when this got played and the whole area erupted! The track kept getting reloaded for about half an hour. I was with about 50 guys as well so the energy was on another level. Definitely the best video to end on.

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