YouTube Sessions: Deft

Today’s YouTube Session comes from London-based producer and live act, Deft. The hiphop, funk and house that all influence his wide-ranging productions also shine through in his YouTube essentials, with clips of Madlib, Soul Train, Chaos In The CBD and Ronald Jenkees all featuring.

The product of such influences has flicked seamlessly between juke, house and hiphop, in releases for Rwina, Brownswood and WotNot. His forthcoming ‘The Motions EP’ on Space Hardware is no different – a fascinating producer, and a fascinating selection of music and documentary to match.

1. Vangelis – The Man and His Music

“Vangelis. His understanding and interpretation of sound and music is inspiring to say the least, a great little docu-interview. Things get real in part 3 with the shades and gown.”

2. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

“One of my faves.”

3. Dolemite Trailer

“It was a few years ago I came across this and the whole range of blaxploitation films that have been made. I was snooping through youtube one night with the aim of finding something good to sample, and came across this, absolutely ridiculous. Watch the film, ha.”

4. Ronald Jenkees Improv

“Hello youtubes!”

5. The Making Of the Dark Side Of The Moon

“I’m not a massive fan of Pink Floyd, but after watching this documentary it added context and reason to the music for me. Inspirational stuff!”

6. Soul Train

“Mr Don Cornelius presents us with one of the many Soul Train line dances. Great music, great vibes, even greater outfits, and only the best dancers. The routines that some of the pairs come up with are brilliant, I wish I could’ve been there to take part. Watch out for the guy in the red vest.”

7. Madlib – The Come Up

“This is from one of my favourite albums, the best minute and a half of your day, guaranteed.”

8. Chaos In The CBD – Dusty Sundays

“Ending on a little chilled vibe, this and Trevino’s ‘Backtracking’ were probably my favourite house tracks of the year.”

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