YouTube Sessions: dBridge

Few artists have consistently pushed electronic music forward in Britain like Darren White. That’s not hyperbole, its simply a statement of fact. Starting out back in the mid 90’s with a slew of tear out Jungle track, he rose to prominence as one quarter of Bad Company alongside DJ Fresh, Madlini and Vegas. Cementing their place in DnB history with a peerless run of smashes such as ‘The Nine’ and ‘Planet Dust’, the group would eventually splinter off and work on different projects – although certain members still worked together on occasion, notably White and Vegas on another all time great track in ‘True Romance’.

As DnB fragmented more and more, it was White that continually pointed towards the genre’s future. He founded Exit Records back in 2003 and has since spent more than a decade pushing innovative and exciting music – including Hyponik’s ‘Track of the Year’ for 2014 from Fracture. He’s also helmed two immensely popular podcast series in recent years, firstly Autonomic with now defunct du0 Instra:mental and subsequently Heart Drive with Kid Drama. Never one to confine himself to a single genre, he also does a nice turn in House under his Velvit alias.

Ahead of his appearance in Fabric’s room 2 next Friday 23rd January, we asked White to to helm this week’s YouTube Sessions. With a look back at Plastic People, a new Teuqilla shotting technique and suspect scampi fries its a selection every bit as interesting and varied as his discography…

That Vangelis bladerunner sound…

Right, so being from DnB it’s a pre-requisite of making this music that you have to love the movie Bladerunner. We’ve all sampled it and it’s set in a world DnB was built to soundtrack. Here’s how to make THAT sound

Steve Spacek & Exit Records present ‘Black Pocket’ Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

In honour of Plastic People. I’ve had many great nights down there but for me this was one of the best. It was the last night before the smoking ban, so everyone was stoned, whether you partook or not. We put together a night called Istickz Studio which was myself, Steve Spacek, Morgan Zarate (We Are Shining), Edmund Cavill (Early Man) and Mpho Skeef. We had Charlie Dark, Abby (SoulJazz) & Hudson Mohawke playing, Big ups to Hudmo, he paid for his own flight down from Scotland to come and play. This was also the first time I’d heard of Fatima, we had an open mic and she blew the place up.

Cause N Effect – N’fa Jones – Dir Heath Ledger

I’ve always loved this video for a tune I did with N’Fa from Australia, he was mates with Heath Ledger and it turned out to be the last thing he directed before his untimely death.

Tequila Bomb

This is how we do Tequila shots in Russia!

Scampi Fries

That time they used ‘The Nine’ for a scampi fries commercial – All kinds of wrong!

Cry Baby

Just a dope tune and great video, this guy was sending me this stuff years ago and I’ve lost contact with him. If he reads this, get in touch please.

CastleMorton 1992

I was there!! Helped that I lived round the corner from where it was happening..

Mighty Macbeth M5 Synthesizer

If any one fancies buying this for me, feel free. Who does’t want a bit of kit you can hit!!

dBridge plays fabric Room 2 next Friday 23rd January alongside Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Chimpo and more. You can check out his and Kid Drama’s Heart Drive podcasts here, and you can keep up to date with Exit – who are dropping Skeptical’s ‘Imperial’ EP next Monday, here

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