YouTube Sessions: Dauwd

In years gone by, writing a biography for an artist like Dauwd would have been a somewhat challenging task. His trajectory is bound into some kind of narrative about reviving analog hardware or being discovered on YouTube, and he certainly isn’t the ambassador of any one genre or sub-genre. Rather he is simply a very good producer making well received music in his own, inimitable style – something which we now seem more willing to embrace in 2014. Born in the US but raised in rural Wales, Dauwd now calls Berlin home – with this moving around paralleled in the shifting development of his own sound over the years.

Debuting on South London’s Pictures Music back in 2011, this year has seen Dauwd put out two records on venerated German label Kompakt. His melodic and nuanced outings around a 2-Step template have made him a perfect fit for Michael Mayer’s venerated Cologne-based imprint, with his most recent EP – ‘Saleh’, finding favour with electronic music fans of all dispositions. Here on YouTube Sessions duty he supplies deadpan commentary for a selection of clips that include an explanation of dimensional space, terrifying Chinese hospital apparatus and headsplitting cascades of synth…

Indian Ocean – School Bell/Treehouse 

Arthur Russell being Indian Ocean, so loose.

Bernard Purdie Drum Lesson – 16th Ghost Notes

Bernard Purdie, so tight.

Gonzales – ‘Overnight’ 

I love Gonzales, especially this piece.

Bad apple 4.6 MILLION!

A new kind of music

Chinese Hospitals Introduce Hands Free Automatic Sperm Extractor

I wanna get one of these, for the studio.

Thomas Grillo – The Swan on Theremin and Piano

I love his face, the perfect balance between intensity and chill.

Jacques Brel – Ne me quitte pas

He defo means whats he’s saying like.

Cymatics – bringing matter life to with sound

Everything we know or think we know could be based on frequency.

Ten Dimensions Explained

Physics tells us that super strings vibrating in the 10th dimension are what create the sub atomic particles that make up our universe and all other possible universes aswell, in other words all possibilities are contained in the 10th dimension.

‘Saleh’ is out now on Kompakt. Buy it here.

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