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South Londoner Coby Sey is firmly content with doing things at his own pace. His monthly NTS Radio show is a walk through placid hip-hop, ambience and experimental sounds, matching forgotten favourites with leftfield gems. Besides a couple of low-key collaborations with the likes of Micachu and Tirzah, Coby’s discography is very much in its infancy. Shaped by a uniquely London-centric sound, he’s an artist about to emerge from the shadows with his debut EP on Whities.

Whities 010: Transport 4 Lewisham is a five-track introduction to Coby Sey that shifts between genres – taking in grime rhythms, crunchy electronic beats and soulful R&B punctuated by his introspective lyrics. The release has been over two years in the making and joins the distinguished Whities back-catalogue that has already housed killer records from the likes of Avalon Emerson, Kowton, and Minor Science.

To mark the release of Whities 010, Coby Sey curates a playlist for Hyponik entitled ‘Curl’ to celebrate some of the music that can be found at his nomadic south London party of the same name. His selection features big cuts from FKA twigs and Tirzah, alongside tracks from close associates Brother May and Klein. As with his radio show, Coby shines a light on a handful of lesser-known producers and live pieces, before rounding off with his own ‘All Change’.

Speaking on the ‘Curl’ playlist, Coby says: “This is a tracklist showcasing musicians who have played at Curl, which is a night I co-run with Micachu and Brother May mostly at Rye Wax in Peckham. A lot of us have been friends for many years, have played live shows together at venues and house parties, sometimes impromptu. We decided that we wanted to extend the vibe we created during those moments to other people and have others get involved and do things a bit differently.”

Good Sad Happy Bad – Looking Up At The Sun

I’ve noticed them becoming more heavier and grunge-y over time with it being more of a collaborative project compared to their earlier works as ‘Micachu & The Shapes’. Heavier: no less adventurous and impressionable.

Mica Levi – Lips to Void

Truly unnerving, chilling, moving piece by sensei Mica and her ensemble. Masterful. There’s no one like her.

Brother May – Born Winners

May has an incomparable energy for life — I think it shows through his music. I dare anyone to not be magnetized by him.

Tirzah – Make It Up

I think Tirzah is so effortless in her singing and her overall demeanour. And she does it in a way that’s so unique and captivating to me and to so many others. Only Tirzah sounds like Tirzah.

Klein – Stunt

Klein somehow manages to bring out spirits through her music and her voice. I’m blissfully possessed by her music. And like Tirzah, no one sounds like her.

Klein ft. Jacob Samuel – Hello

This track features Klein’s musical right-hand, Jacob Samuel. Spiralling and head-splicing.

Joanne Robertson – Wait Your Turn

I first met Joanne through Dean Blunt, at the 100 Club, many years ago. Little did I know then how much her solo music… as well as her work with Blunt would move me a great deal.

Kwake Bass – drum solo on ‘Orris Root Powder’ by MF Doom

One of my favourite drummers and one of the best out in this era. He’s directed live shows for Sampha and Kate Tempest to name a few. Kwake is a Lewisham don.

Farai and TØNE – Lion Warrior

An unashamedly self-empowering piece from Farai and her production partner, TØNE. More to come from them.

Suitman Jungle – Office Jungle Break

Go and see Suitman Jungle live if you can. That’s all I’m saying. One of my favourite drummers also.

Raisa K – Give Thanks

Inventive pop music made by a musician I’m lucky to know.

FKA twigs ft. Tic – Hide

FKA twigs has not played at Curl, but Tic of Young Turks has (impromptu on electric guitar). He has toured as part of FKA twigs live show and is considered a sage to many of us who work on/in music in London.

Bianca Scout – Bitchblade

Airy rhythmic music from Scout, who I met through Klein. I’ve been lucky to have Scout and Ben Vince play with me live.

Ben Vince – Flotation

Ben Vince’s music is something to bare witness to. Loops of sax solos — melodic and dissonant. His work really resonates with me.

Coby Sey – All Change

Whities 010 is out now. Grab it here.

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