YouTube Sessions: Bwana

Darkened Italo, James Holden and Twin Peaks.

Hailing from Toronto, and currently residing in Berlin, Bwana’s multifarious productions have been taking the world by storm since his early beginnings in 2011 with breakout track ‘Baby Let Me Finish’. In the years since, Bwana’s sound has evolved, with influence drawn from progressive house, trance, italo-disco and more.

Following on from Capsule’s Pride – his hypnotic reshuffling of the Akira soundtrack on LuckyMe – Bwana has contributed half of upcoming label Cin Cin’s fourth release, contrasting Lor’s spacey techno offerings with two tracks of floating italo-disco. You can hear the shimmering, trance-influenced beats of bwana’s contribution to the EP right here

In the wake of the EP’s release, Bwana has graced us with a selection of ten YouTube goodies, incorporating everything from the transcendental noise of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, his first steps into italo-disco, and some choice words of motivation.

1. James Holden – Balance 005 disc 1

YouTube was the first place where I heard this incredible mix. It changed my life overnight.

2. Blue Jam – Club Listings

First heard this on the Marry Anne Hobbes show back when she was on Radio1. It still cracks me up and I gained a real appreciation for this humour while living in Leeds back in 2011/12. “Some truly hexagonal dope”.

3. Sarina Paris – Look At Us

A snapshot into the Canadian dance music scene from the early 2000’s.

4. Sasha & John Digweed @ Delta Heavy Tour

Very interesting documentary on what is essentially the blueprint of the current EDM touring template. Great outfits and visuals.

5. When you are feeling down: Words from Shuzo Matsuoka

Sometimes I just need to watch this video to get through a bad day. I hope it can offer you a shred of the comfort it has given me.

6. Pulusha Isolation Part 2

Forgotten work from Mark Pritchard. Simply stunning.

7. Lino Capra Vaccina – Antico Adagio

Gets me every time! Great harmonies.

8. Bartkira the Animated Trailer


9. Stars of the Lid – Music For Twin Peaks Episode #30 part 1

I once listened to this on loop and finished an entire novel in one evening.

10. Victrola – Maritime Tatami

I think I can credit this track for turning me onto the darker sides of Italo etc… so twisted.

Cin Cin 004 is out 21st October, get your copy here

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