YouTube Sessions: Brawther

There are few genres where the concept of ‘authenticity’ causes more fretting than in Deep House. The qualities that classify an artist as ‘authentic’ are vague at best, although whatever they are its clear that Brawther has them. Releasing music since 2008, he’s nurtured a reputation as one of the most trusty purveyors of the classic sound – all whilst managing to stay right on the tasteful side of pastiche. Although born and raised in Paris, it was in Nottingham where he had his House music epiphany – after attending the now sadly defunct underground mecca The Bomb in 2003.

Emboldened by his experience in the East Midlands, he resolved to throw himself headfirst into music, with his production debut arriving as one of the earliest on Chez Damier’s Balance Alliance sub label. Starting with a co-sign from the Chicago legend proved to be an auspicious sign, with Brawther going on to steadily release more perfectly pitched House music for Balance, secretsundaze and his friend Jeremy’s vinyl happy My Love Is Underground imprint. It was at a MLIU party in London that he would meet Tristan Da Cunha, starting a friendship that would see him move to Leeds to join Da Cunha as a resident at Ralph Lawson’s infamous Back To Basics party, whilst also forming the duo Dungeon Meat.

Lining up at Studio 338 next Saturday 28th February before he drop’Endless’- a triple vinyl retrospective of his work on Balance, in April, we thought it’d be a good time to get Brawther tied down for YouTube Sessions. The French House music of his youth features heavily, with some vintage footage of St.Germain and a classic cut from DJ Gregory two highlights – whilst there’s also room for a dreamy gem from Underworld…

Playin’ 4 The City playing live at What’s Up Bar, Paris

A very rare footage of Playin’ 4 The City performing live in Paris, led by Olivier Portal on the MPC and keys, with Fred Melosax on the saxophone and Karl The Voice on the mic. I’v never been to the What’s Up bar unfortunately but I heard it was the home of great parties in the 90’s.

DJ Gregory – ‘Headache’ (Back Up, 1998)

An timeless early DJ Gregory cut that is part of the pantheon of French House music’s finest in my personal opinion. Its a subtle balance of a minimal use of elements that create the magic, a rare gift.

St. Germain playing live on Canal +

St. Germain live playing Rose Rouge on French TV channel Canal +. Excellent footage right there both in sound and image, for all the fans of this smooth classic.

An early documentary on sampling featuring Will Smith, Lou Reed & Beastie Boys

Short documentary about sampling from 1988! This is how most House music records were made: Sampling records or your own sounds. Interesting to hear how it was received back in the days.

Aphex Twin – ‘On’

One of my favourite Aphex Twin songs. The video is trippy too, shot in Cornwall if i’m not mistaken. I was stuck on his music when I was a teenager, it’s as next level as it gets and he is no doubt the most interesting artist of the last two decades.

Snippet from ‘House of Trez’ documentary

This video is taken from the documentary ‘House of Tre’ which i can’t find anywhere online. A lot of people in Europe don’t know some there is a whole culture of dancing onto House Music in Clubs since its creation in the 80’s. A good tip for the shufflers out there.

URBAN VIBES – Broken Beat Teaser

I’m not sure if the documentary is out yet or just not available on YouTube but I believe it exists out there. I love Broken Beat and this is a great teaser to what seems to be a proper tribute to the (now defunct?) genre.

Underworld – ‘Confusion The Waitress’

Underworld are one of my favourite electronic music acts. The ‘Second Toughest In The Infants’ album is my favourite. I used to fall asleep to this, love this album, which has a lot of their classics.

Paris Is Burning Film

Paris is Burning, the one stop classic documentary film about the Ball and it’s underground Gay community in the U.S.. It’s a must see with tons of classic sequences and lines.

Nine Inch Nails – Hurt (Music Video)

Beautiful Song written by Trent Reznor which was later covered by Johnny Cash who received a Grammy for it. It’s just perfect in every way. Nine Inch Nails were on another level aswell. Respect is due.

Brawther plays Sankeys 2015 opening party Studio 338 next Saturday 28th February alongside Valentino Kanzyani, Argy, Jozef K and more. Tickets for that can be bought here. ‘Endless’ meanwhile is out on Balance in April. You can connect with Brawther on Facebook here

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