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YouTube Sessions: Bok Bok

After taking an in-depth look at the latest offering from Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990‘s Night Slugs squad, namely ‘Night Slugs Allstars Volume 2’, we thought what better time to curiously excavate into the mind of Alex Sushon, otherwise known as the man like Bok Bok.

Over the course of 17 selections we visit Herbie Hancock in Sesame Street, Helix‘s cameo on Man Vs Food, Saudi Arabian road proposals, a Steve Reich palette cleanser and much, much more.

Thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

JME – Over Me (Instrumental)

“If I was A&R to the universe this would be the beat to a runaway hit single that would top the charts for weeks.”

Alan Silvestri – Flight Of The Navigator

“This whole soundtrack is sick but especially those two fusion electro passages. I know one of them is called “Robot Romp” – that’s where the kid rides inside the Ralph catering robot. Back in Old Kountry we had a pirated VHS of this with one dude dubbing all the voices for all the characters even the female ones. Definitely watched that over and over again at a formative age.”

JoJo – Demonstrate (Lawrence Siachico cover)

“Huge inspiration”

Appendix Operation

“Nice colour scheme”

Future ft Kelly Roland – Neva End (Remix)

“This is my favourite song right now”

Essentials – Timesplitters

“As a south guy I always had a lot of love for Essentials. This video is labelled “first ever track”. I dunno about that but you can tell its early, the beat is so diy, so outsider and all the colder and weirder for it; those skippy flows delivering socialrealism – you can still hear the lingering influence of So Solid but also there’s that Essentials flavour already coming thru. N.E RIP”

DJ Slimzee & MC God’s Gift – Street Beatz CD2

“This was out on CD thru Ministry years ago. Still my second favorite grime mix ever – Slimzee’s selection here particularly soooo seminal for me.”

Art Of Mixing

“Nick Hook showed me this video and it changed my life. Well maybe not quite, but it was definitely mind-expanding. If you’re a producer or just like how music is put together, or if you’re a stoner you should definitely watch this.”

Treble Clef plays Ghetto Kyote

“Show them blud! If you dont know about Ghetto Kyote get to know


The S.O.S. Band – For Your Love (Extended Mix)

“I saw a few ID requests after playing this as the first track on a Rinse FM show a few months ago – well here it is. This dub version is totally bananaz.”

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis in the studio

“More Jam & Lewis. It’s cool to get a little insight into their process, for me it’s pretty amazing to hear all the channels on their mix separately. Such simplicity and clarity…”

Steve Reich – Violin Phase for violin and tape or four violins

“Lately I’ve been using this as a palette cleanser between mixdown sessions.”

Herbie Hancock demos a Fairlight CMI on Sesame Street

“Features a tiny and adorable Tatiana Ali”

The infamous Helix cameo on Man v Food

“Keep pressing 9 once it loads”

Saudi Projects – King Abdullah in Taif tunnel

“I was sneaking around and saw Kingdom favouring this on YouTube. It’s such a haunting proposal…”

Finally I leave you with this message:

Bok Bok plays at the Hum + Buzz label showcase this Friday at Peckham Palais, tickets and info here

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