YouTube Sessions: Best Of 2014

Sometimes there’s only so far the conventional interview format can get you with an artist. Would a straight up Q+A let you know about Lone’s obsession with skateboarding? Would a 3000 word think piece fill you in on Bass Clef’s surprising knowledge of novelty Mexican Hip-Hop? Would a back and forth with Dauwd open your eyes to alarming Chinese hospital equipment you wish you’d never heard of? We sincerely doubt it. To provide an answer to these troublesome quandries we created YouTube Sessions – your weekly insight into a DJ’s (safe for work) internet viewing habits.

Never less than interesting, 2014 threw up some corkers – with everything from enlightening documentaries to infinitely amusing juvenile humour – as well as a healthy smattering of musical gems to boot. To provide you with something to lighten the January gloom we’ve gone back and dug up a delightful mixed bag of clips from the previous 12 months. Enjoy…

Russian Mario Banger

The best 6 seconds of anything ever.

from Perc

Arca & Jesse Kanda – ‘TRAUMA Scene 1′

The creepy, haunting music of Arca – with the buzzed out visual bleakness of Jesse Kanda. Where Pop should go when it finally eats itself.

from Graze

Jive Turkey feature on Behind The Beat

Great insight into the scene up north in the late 80′s , with some Warp originals on there , and me pissed up rapping badly.

from Nightmares On Wax

Baker 2g (Baker)

Rawest skate video from that time, no doubt. Possibly responsible for getting me in to drinking alcohol. Dustin Dollin is still the absolute man if you ask me.

from Lone

Ogee Nti ike 1

I discovered this video long time ago when I sampled a flute from Ogee Nit iki on a record. I was looking for some other sounds from this style and I just started to search on YouTube for anything. When I found this video I was amazed by its lo-fi FX! awesome!

from Clap! Clap!


I watch Chip when I need a lift. He has a complex relationship with technology and food that I can’t fully grasp or comprehend. I think he might be a glitch in the matrix. But he seems so comfortable in himself, I find it super charming. Also I want his belt and his shoes. “LEDS GO!”

from Bass Clef

Dingwalls Electric Ballroom

It’s all about the ‘scene’ and where it all started for me making the connection between Hip Hop and Jazz. With my old friend Paul Bradshaw the founder of Straight No Chaser Magazine.

from Gilles Peterson

Chinese Hospitals Introduce Hands Free Automatic Sperm Extractor

I wanna get one of these, for the studio.

from Dauwd

R Kelly – Real Talk Behind the Scenes

I think R Kelly is a bit of a genius. I can watch this video on repeat for ages. We’ve all been in a situation like this but I don’t think anyone has put it as eloquently as Kells. Real talk and watch your mouth. You bogus girl, Milton!

from Acre

Kurupt FM – Tower Block Dreams Ghetto On Sea

I have to start with this one – a documentary about pirate radio in 2001 I think. I’ve literally lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched this documentary. Its basically an hour of comedy gold, so bad that its brilliant kinda stuff. This is the original documentary that the BBC comedy People Just Do Nothing was based on and they definitely did it justice. The funniest things in the original doc for me are the part when ‘MC Killa’ reads the letter of complaint from the poor woman who’s kid is being kept awake by the noise from the radio station and also the part where they interview MC Killa’s girlfriend who is so high that she can barely string a sentence together. Big em’ up yeah!

from Scott Garcia

Riff Raff Vine Compilation

Here’s a video of one of my favourite Viners, Riff Raff, and a compilation of all his best vines.

from Dark0

Lonnie Liston Smith & Swindle Boiler Room LIVE Show

I love everything about this Boiler Room set. The way these guys collaborate in sync with each other works so well. Great piece of music.

from Flava D

Real Dinosaur Sounds 2

Allegedly a recording of “real” dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period. Dunno how the hell this guy got such a good recording of this stuff to be honest, but what an absolute legend. I’ve ripped this and set is as my morning alarm clock sound.

from My Panda Shall Fly

Food That Kills – Full Presentation

Watched this video two years into my vegan cuisine lifestyle,I kept pausing it and googling/researching all he says and just shaking my head. Human beings don’t care about anything.

from JME

Caetano Veloso​­ – ‘Torno a Repetir​’

This is just one of those typically Brazilian sounding tracks. It reminds me of lazy summer
days and everyone singing along when we got together as a family.

from DJ Marky

Channel U Yards: Mr Wong’s Crib

I don’t know if there were more of these but this is funny. I always will have respect for Mr Wong for his tune ‘Orchestra Boroughs’ tune which was one of the tracks to bring MC’s from all round London together that I first knew of.

from Visionist

Sun Ra – Outer Space Employment Agency

This guy is an original Techno pioneer, interplanetary!

from AnD

La Prisonniere

Art scenes from 1968 H.G Cluzot film La Prisonniere – just an amazing example of experimentation on film from the late 60′s – far out. Got that film randomly in Paris like 10 years ago.

from Moiré

Victor the Alien

Steves is really into the alien conspiracy type stuff and for him, this is one of the most important videos out there right now. It is footage of an actual alien who crash landed and then got interrogated and asked bare questions. This was in the eighties and since then bare new technology has come out so more than likely the alien was giving away secrets like camera phones and wireless headphones. Proper madness.

from Kurupt FM

Worst Movie Death Scene Ever!

I’ll just leave you with this.

from Cosmin TRG

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