YouTube Sessions: Bass Clef

Ralph Cumbers has released music as Bass Clef on a varying selection of labels including Blank Tapes, Idle Hands, Punch Drunk, Public Information and Iberian Records amongst others under aliases RLF and Some Truths. This well informed East Londoner used to have connection to the Bristol Dubstep scene but being a multi faceted producer he today favours a more analog sound. A huge fan of cassettes, analog synthesisers and general oddities, an evening spent going down the Bass Clef rabbit hole is an evening well spent.

Today he brings one of our most random YT Sessions to date featuring transcendantal Seinfeld montages, music concrète, Werner Herzog commentating on depressed penguins amongst other things. Dig in…

Star Trek TNG Ambient Engine Noise (Idling for 24 Hours)

First you’ve got to get into the right mental space for this list. Clear out all of that clutter up your head. Be in the moment and all yada yada. I suggest 24 hours of this, at high volume. Really stare at that screen. Call me when you’re done and we’ll crack on with the rest of the list ok?

Bass Clef ‘Ghost Kicks In The Spiral’

Now before the films there are always the adverts, everyone knows that, so here’s mine. This is the best Bass Clef track I think, and wonderful strange dark and joyous video too (BUY MY RECORDS) sorry what was that? Oh probably a noise outside or something.

Laurie Anderson – Home studio (late 80’s)

She’s my total hero. Love to see her messing around in her studio and talking about her process. And dancing too. She does the best dances. Go watch all of Home Of The Brave sometime.


I watch Chip when I need a lift. He has a complex relationship with technology and food that I can’t fully grasp or comprehend. I think he might be a glitch in the matrix. But he seems so comfortable in himself, I find it super charming. Also I want his belt and his shoes. “LEDS GO!”

Penguin, Depressed… Werner Herzog

Now that we’re on a high, we can cope with a bit of the harsher realities of the universe. This is a clip from ‘Encounters At The End Of The World’ which is one of my favourite Herzogs. He has a great and nihilistic way of looking at nature. And I can never figure out where the line is between deliberately and unintentionally funny in his work.

Cheesoid – Mitchell and Webb

This sketch takes a while to get going, but it’s worth it for the character of Cheesoid. Sometimes I feel like Cheesoid. Maybe I am Cheesoid.

Lemongrab pokes himself for two hours

Sometimes I feel like Lemongrab. Maybe I am Lemongrab.

The Color of Pomegranates (Embedding Disabled)

From lemons to pomegranates. This movie is gorgeous, a parade of tableaux. I’ve watched a lot of his films repeatedly with the sound off whilst making records. Which is stupid because the soundtracks are always killer.

Eliane Radigue – IMA Portrait Gallery

Her music is so good there should probably be a new word for what it is, some other kind of music or art separated from all the rest. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Seinfeld: Nothing Super Cut

Speaking of transcendent works of art – how about this. I don’t even think I’ve ever watched Seinfeld but this is just too good, both musically and visually. It’s like entertainment from outer space.


OK after grappling with the void I think we maybe need someone with a strong moral compass and an obsession with playing cards to wrap things up. Over to you, Mr. Martindale. Or can I call you Wink?

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