Youtube Sessions: Avalon Emerson

Kahley Avalon Emerson is a young Producer/Dj/Software Engineer currently residing in the bay area of San Francisco. After moving into a communal warehouse in the city from her native Phoenix in 2009, she quickly met the right people, developed an individual artistic style and began making things happen. With two releases under her belt, an ear for rolling grooves and a DIY approach to everything she does this young producer has a bright future ahead of her and we’re looking forward to observing how her style progresses following the announcement that she is moving to Berlin in May.

Recruiting her for this week’s Youtube Sessions, as always we were hoping for an interesting and eclectic mix that mirrors the personality and interests of the artist and it’s safe to say that’s exactly what we’ve received. Scroll on for a glimpse inside Avalon’s psyche which includes a little bit of everything from mid-80s ecstasy, Informative tech lectures, a vintage scooter gang tearing up a tunnel and a large rabbit taking a shower…


Shallow Rewards – The Exploding Boy

Chris Ott is a long-time music and culture writer, who recently has been making videos spotlighting specific vignettes of the modern music landscape. This is his most recent, on Kurt Cobain, the grunge moment and the critical embrace of drug abuse. Also recommend his one on 4AD, CMI, ZTT and M/A/R/R/S


Valarie Dore – Get Closer

A few weeks ago I saw (my favorite) DJ Harvey play here in San Francisco. This was one of his last songs. Beautiful. If anyone’s wondering, he started with this. This era of the beginning of maximal synthesiser club music is my favourite to listen to on an expensive sound system.


Spot SEAT Ibiza 1985 Advert

Speaking of mid 80’s ecstasy, in a search to find videos of KU Ibiza in 1985 or something, I came across this hilarious car commercial from that year, complete with fairlight-y jingles, big-shoulder-suited androgynous supermodels doing catwalks among smokey mirrored halls, and 1980’s compact cars that looked like trash even when they’re new.


Jolo – Last Call

One more music-related video, a SF high energy track. With an awesome video featuring a couple club kids and their friends having fun at the old I-Beam.


Star Trek The Next Generation Ambient Engine Noise (Idling for 24 hrs)

And frankly, you can probably still count this as music, but it’s what I’ve been playing a lot lately when I need to block out the rest of the world or take a nap. It’s amazing, and replaced my previous favourite.


AngularJS + REST Made Simple

Here’s an extremely specific peek into the stuff that I do when I’m not chasing after Harvey nuggets. I’m falling in love with AngularJS; it’s awesome.


MIT Lecture : Introduction to Computer Science (1986)

Bigger picture, less tech-specific talk from MIT’s Open Course archives. I like how Sussman here talks about controlling complexity and masking details in abstraction to achieve higher levels of thought.


Moon Emoji’s Sexy Midnight Voyage

This is better left un-blurbed.


Bunny Takes A Shower

And now for something completely different…


Tunnel run with Lambretta TS1 Owners Club

I recently discovered my love for vintage two wheeled scooters. I have a 1980 Vespa P200 here in San Francisco. When I’m not driving it, I daydream about driving it. It’s the only material possession that I’m truly going to miss when I leave for Berlin this summer. Though the old GDR Simson Schwalbe scooters floating around there certainly look appealing…

Avalon Emerson’s ‘Church Of Soma’ EP is available on Spring Theory here.

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