YouTube Sessions: Artifact

Last year was certainly fruitful for Bristolian Artifact, dropping potent records on Local Action, Rebirth and Deadplate throughout 2012. His blend of sunken, bass-loaded techno has found its way onto the harddrives of Appleblim, Mosca, Paleman, T Williams, Swindle, Moxie, South London Ordnance, Throwing Snow and the likes – gearing him up for a prosperous 2013.

His first transmission of the New Year is signed to Somethinksounds‘, a deadly new 12″, ‘The Way It Do’/’We Trapped’, set for February 4, and sure to propel his mutant sound further towards house/techno/bass crowds and DJs alike.

We asked Artifact for a selection of YouTube joys, and received ten of his favourite hangover tunes. Remember this – it will come in handy!

1. Explosions In The Sky – Magic Hours

“This is one of those tracks you can always turn too, no matter where you are in life and it’ll just take you out and into a zone. Always goes on the day after the night.”

2. Deepchild – Neukolln Burning

“I only discovered Deepchild recently via twitter, but his album Neukolln Burning has found its way into my next day playlists. The way the synths and drums interact with each other in such an organic way and the atmosphere’s he creates are as perfect on the dancefloor as they are at home.”

3. Christian Loeffler – Ash & Snow

“Loeffler’s album ‘A Forest’ is perfect down time listening, the entire album feels like it’s in it’s own environment, and is packed with layers of synths and texture that no one else seems to be able to beat.”

4. Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes

“This collaborative EP from Blue Daisy and Unknown Shapes is one of my favourites of 2012, seriously good hangover listening with haunting vocal samples and synths, super spacey stuff.”

5. How To Dress Well – & It Was U

“Catchy, feel good wicked pop music. When you need a little pick up this nails it.”

6. Planetary Assault Systems – Beauty In The Fear

“Immense album, great to prepare you for a second night out. Taking you from softer, deep levels through to intense techno.”

7. Burial & Four Tet – Moth

“Need I say more. May be old but its timeless and is the hangover track of all time.”

8. This Will Destroy You – Little Smoke

“Hugely atmospheric post rock, these guys are essential. Epic crescendos and a intense raw sound. Love it.”

9. Bossk – II (Part 1)

“This track has been a long time favourite of mine, and i’m really happy that these guys recently reformed. Caught them live when I was in my metal band, and they blew my mind. Amazing fusion of post-rock and mental.”

10. ?

“Just because it’s awesome and you can leave it on for hours.”

Artifact’s ‘The Way It Do’/’We Trapped’ will be released via Somethinksounds on February 4.

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